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Day For Night is young, but mighty. Representative of the scale and depth of Houston, TX, the festival is not interested in offering the norm.  Their Friday night summit is not the traditional pre-party that you're used to. No, instead of some one-off venue featuring a handful of low-mid range head turners, the event features quality and culture that rivals the 2-day festival itself.

The speaking panels feature outstandingly inspirational public figures, none of whom are there to peddle niceties or spout inspirational quotes. Four of the fiercest women in the world will be sharing their myriad of expertise and world-views on the subject of the cross-section of art, technology, and activism. Chelsea Manning, one of the bravest whistle blowers in our countries history will share the stage with Nadya Tolokonnikova, the founder of Pussy Riot, flanked by Laurie Anderson and Lauren McCarthy, two of our eras greatest creative pioneers. It's hard to say if there's a speaking panel this year that features such a fascinating collection of minds. 

The musicians picked to lift your spirits warrant the price of admission by itself. Following what will certainly be some intense conversation is a Soul Cleansing, orchestrated by none-other than Solange; surely a once in a lifetime opportunity. Next up is Earl Sweatshirt, who will spit fresh bars that strike deep to the core of the many problems that face our black youth. Kaytranada is the resident DJ of the night, with his signature grooving bass-lines wringing any pent up energy left in the crowd, through dance moves and exaltations alongside his well picked vocal samples. Make sure to check out Jenny Hval, a Norway borne musician whose haunting sounds will make you cry and laugh in the same breath. 

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You can purchase tickets to the Friday night pre-party here.

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