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New cities can be a tad confusing, especially if all you know is the East Coast. This past weekend I made a journey to the West Coast for the first time and decided to hit up a Desert Hearts party. I have experienced the Desert Hearts crew mostly at festivals, like BPM Mexico and Gratitude Migration in New Jersey. However, those were the parties where their heavy hitters such as Papa Lee Reynolds, Deep Jesus, Tara Brooks, Doc Martin and Mikey Lion would play. This time around, I got to experience the Desert Hearts core crew, the originators of the party brand. 

Desert Hearts presents City Hearts was hosted at the Belasco venue in Downtown LA which was formerly a proscenium theater that has clearly been re-purposed for more nightlife events. It was a beautiful venue that not many cities have available. It reminded me of the Fillmore in Detroit, with the same type of proscenium design and balcony level. 

The Desert Hearts party had the original crew of Marbs, Porkchop, Papa Lee & Mikey Lion playing on the main floor. The basement had Lubelski, RYBO, Taches, Kevin Anderson and I unfortunately missed the special guest to see Sacha Robotti play at an after hours (oh, priorities). The event was great, it was cool to get a feel for the LA underground vibe and to see everyone dressed up in costumes (I thought I was at a House of Yes party for a minute). My friends and I had a blast, the DH crew knew how to get everyone going and the vibe was comfortable and unique all at the same time. 

Porkchop and Papa Lee really got me going for most of the night on the main floor all the way through to Mikey Lion. Downstairs RYBO held strong for Taches, before we decided to migrate over the main floor. The sound and production were great and it helps when you are playing a theater designed to enhance acoustics for sure (why don't all parties do that?)! When going to a Desert Hearts party, it is as if you are going to a party with your best friends who know how to DJ. Their entire vibe is a cross between eccentric, wild, warm and intimate. It is all about the love and the fun of it. Definitely a show worth checking out. If you are curious to hear the Desert Hearts crew in a city near you, check out their tour dates Magnetic announced last week!

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Enjoy some awesome images from the party:  

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