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Discogs Launches New Marketplaces For Comics, Books, Movies and Posters

You can now sell a lot more than just records through Discogs.
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Discogs is making a big push in 2017 to expand its offerings beyond just music. Earlier this year it opened Gearogs, where fans can buy and sell music gear. Now Discogs has launched four new marketplaces for comics, films, posters and books.

As you might expect all of new websites carry the Discogs brand with it. Fans can check out film listings on Filmogs, rare posters on Posterogs, comics on Comicogs and books on Bookogs. Are the names weird? Yes, but what matters is what they could become for buyers and sellers.

All four divisions are open to a public beta during the month of September as part of Discogs S.P.IN initiative to get 9 million listings on Discogs and jumpstart their other sites. The five other sites will be free of listing and seller fees for a limited time during the public launch.

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