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Dude Leaves Contact Info On Bag Of MDMA -- Gets His Dumbass Arrested

How not to be discreet at a music festival.

In today’s story about human idiocy, a man in Australia has shown exactly what not to do when taking drugs. When you are taking drugs at a festival, discretion is the name of the game. Get it done, safely and responsibly and leave without a trace. Avoid the authorities and don’t attach your business card to your left over baggie. That probably wouldn’t be a good idea right?

According to InTheMix, at Maroochydore Music Festival in Australia somebody didn’t exactly leave their business card on a leftover baggie of MDMA, but they might as well. They left their name and number in a note that said “___’s MDMA if found call _____.”

As you might imagine this bag was recovered and the people whom he didn’t want to pick it up, did, – the local police. They called and let him know they had the bag and wanted to speak to him. It probably was not in the happy, serotonin-filled circumstance he was looking for. Let this be a lesson to others out there. 

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