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EDC Las Vegas 2018 Changes: Announces New Dates, Camping, Better Transportation

EDC Las Vegas is making some pretty big changes to the festival in 2018.
EDC Las Vegas 2018 Announcement

After making a big to do about changes to the 2018 festival, EDC Las Vegas has finally unveiled what is happening next year. There has been speculation of what may happen for the past few weeks, but the new changes aren’t all that monumental, but logical all the same. They include a date chance, better transportation, camping and extended hours.

The first change is that EDC Las Vegas will move to May. Having a festival in Las Vegas in June always seemed hazardous, even if it is overnight. The temperatures were frequently in the 90s at the start of the festival and this proved hazardous for people drinking and taking drugs. The temperatures as Pasquale Rotella notes are a bit cooler in May. The festival will take place May 18-20.

In addition to the date change, there will be a camping option for those who want to stay near the festival grounds. There will be a camping area right next to the speedway. With the earlier start in the year, this will give Insomniac the ability to start the festival earlier in the day. They will have an opening ceremony at the Cosmic Meadow and extended sets from artists before the madness officially begins.

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One complaint has consistently been the terrible traffic getting out at the end of the festival. They are giving over shuttle services to a private company and they have added another lane to help with traffic. With camping this should help, but we will have to see.

Early Owl three-day general admission passes start at $325 while VIP three-day passes start at $699, both before taxes and fees. Tickets go on sale beginning Thursday, Sept. 28 at Noon PST at

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