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Electronic Music Awards Hosts Detroit Dock Techno Takeover
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The Electronic Music Awards has been generating buzz since it’s announcement a month ago. If you haven’t caught wind of the event just yet, industry insiders and massive acts like Autograf, Ilenium, Moby, Ramzoid and other top-notch performers take the stage for an evening that celebrates the rich origins of dance music. Some of the industry’s most recognizable faces and pioneers will receive awards for their contributions to the dance music community.

While awards will be aplenty, today, the EMAs announced an event that celebrates Techno’s true origins: the Detroit Dock Techno Takeover, featuring performances from five of Detroit Techno’s most legendary players: Juan Atkins, Delano Smith, Robert Hood, and the Saunderson Brothers (sons of Kevin Saunderson).

The Detroit Dock aims to celebrate the revolutionary music form we call techno, that was pioneered by Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson—along with Derrick May—better known as the Belleville Three. Together, they married Chicago House, Funk, electro, and of course, Disco, to revolutionize electronic music forever, transforming the city of Detroit into the Techno Capital of the World.

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The Detroit Dock will see performances from some of Techno’s most important figures, of old and new. Delano Smith, a well-known proprietor of the Techno genre, goes back just as far as the Belleville Three in the techno world. At the age of 14, he was deemed “the Young Genius”, impressing every club promoter and dance addict alike with his mesmerizing mixing skills.

The Detroit Dock will showcase Detroit’s industrial origins, which undoubtedly served as a catalyst to the gritty, and mechanic sounds of techno, by hosting the event on the “Detroit Dock”, a unique outdoor arena that situates the DJ booth atop none other than a loading dock.

You can check out the EMA’s live stream via twitter starting at 7:47 PST, with plenty more performances and multiple stages. Hosts Hannah Rad of Revolt TV and Billboard Dance founder Matt Medved will also be conducting rare backstage interviews with performers, all live via twitter.

The EMAs will take place at Willow Studios in the Downtown Arts District in Los Angeles on 9/21. We have also teamed up with our friends from DoLA to give away a pair of VIP tickets. So if you live in LA you should enter and hopefully we will see you there! 

Click here for more info about the awards. 

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