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House Premiere: James Hype 'More Than Friends' Gets Stellar Remixes By Illyus & Barrientos & Mason

James Hype's addictive house tune gets some great remixes just in time for the weekend.
James Hype More Than Friends Remixes

UK DJ James Hype’s “More Than Friends” featuring Kelli-Leigh is a song that you have probably heard this summer at some point. You may not have known it, but it has wiggled its way into your eardrums. Now the addictive house tune is getting two remixes form Mason and Illyus & Barrientos.

The remix pack starts out with a VIP mix from James Hype that brings this tune from the festival stage to the club, cutting out some of the vocals and piano and putting more emphasis on the low-end. Glaswegian duo, Illyus & Barrientos keep the feeling of summer alive with their remix with a funky take on the tune with some strong Balearic vibes.

Mason finishes out the remix pack and I will let him describe the funky remix in his own words.

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“Sometimes I struggle for ages with a remix, but this one went super smooth and was very satisfying to work on. Call me a romantic but I like to think you can hear that in the way it turned out.”

Stream the full EP on Spotify now or pick up your copy on iTunes

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