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In The Know: Weekly Music News Summary September 15, 2017

SoStereo’s weekly music and advertising news round up
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Here’s a recap of important music business news you need to know:

Apple Unveils New Products:

Apple unveiled its highly anticipated iPhone 8 and X at its expo on Tuesday, September 12th. The iPhone 8 is pretty much just a more advanced 7, while the X comes with new features like facial recognition, a new screen and wireless charging. When it comes to music, Apple was light on announcements, but there were a few updates. iTunes got a sleek makeover that has more emphasis on sharing and Apple Music is now compatible on Apple Watch.

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Soundcharts Raises $3.1 Million In Funding:

The Paris-based music data platform has raised $3.1 million in series A funding. Soundcharts, which only launched officially about a year ago, boasts 250 clients in 23 countries, like the big 3 labels, Believe Digital, 300 Entertainment, SONGS Publishing, Red Bull Records and Ignition Management. It monitors social numbers, charts, playlists and radio airplay data in real-time, which is incredibly valuable for companies who are increasingly reliant on data.

Vevo Hacked:

While Equifax is still dominating the news about a company getting hacked and rightly so, Vevo was hacked by OurMine, a group that seems to hack people to show it can. Over 3.12 TB of documents were leaked online and most of them were benign, but some could potentially be quite sensitive to Vevo and its partners, which include the three major labels, Abu Dhabi Media and Alphabet Inc. Vevo confirmed the hack to Gizmodo.

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