Can you guess what Jax Jones says makes a successful song?

It's all about the vibe.

I guess you could say that's the short takeaway from interview I had with international star Jax Jones. Jones broke out into the mainstream charts after releasing 'I Got You' together with Duke Dumont. From there he has only been on the rise, receiving radio support and even racking up hundreds of millions of plays on his music. Jax Jones took some time out of his busy schedule before CRSSD Festival in San Diego to share with us a little about his life, and plans for the future.

1. How has your life changed since the release and success of 'I Got You' in 2014?

Wow! Well, in a way it's changed massively but in some ways it's still the same. I guess the biggest change is, more people are aware of me and of what I'm about but that doesn't mean I can get complacent. I know I've still got loads more work to do. But at the same time, a lot hasn't changed. I'm still the same person I was back then, I still have the same friends I had and really, once I'm at home (which is rare these days!) everything is just normal again, which is great. You have to switch off every now and then.

2. Is it different working on a song with a massive pop star like Demi Lovato than with lesser known artists and singers? If so how would you say your process differs for working with each?

I approach all my tunes in the same way; there has to be a vibe first, whether I'm working with Demi or the next big superstar or someone on the come up. Once I know there's a vibe, I know whatever we come up with is going to sound great. When I made 'Instruction', I never thought Demi Lovato would be on it but by the time it was finished, I just knew we'd made the right decision. She brought a certain swag to it that nobody else could and Stefflon Don was just the icing on the cake. But that's what I'm all about; bringing together different musical worlds and creating something special.

3. You release very fun and happy dance music. Is this essential when creating music, and how do you decide when you really like something and take it all the way to release?

Again, it's all down to the vibe. When 'Instruction' was done, I knew I had to come with the carnival vibes, when I did 'You Don't Know Me', that really reflects the energy & message of the song. But as you can probably tell from all of my videos, I just like to have a good time and have fun with my music. There's no point doing this if you're not having fun, right?

4. Where do you draw inspiration for you music, branding and all around life?

I guess life is a big inspiration. Whatever is happening in my life will usually play a big part in he music that I'm making. I'm inspired by my peers & my friends like Fatboy Slim, Martin Solveig, Armand Van Helden right through to the likes of Tinie Tempah & Skepta even Demi and Steff; just working with them and seeing how they work inspired me.

5. What's the future hold for Jax Jones?

Just releasing more & more great music, hopefully. I'm starting to work on an album so that's exciting & a bit nerve-wracking! I'm in the middle of a US tour and then at the end of the year I've got a massive UK tour which I'm so excited for! Just watch this space; there's plenty more to come!

6. Lastly, if you weren't in the music industry, what would you be doing with your life ideally?

I'm already doing my dream job so I don't really know what else I'd be doing... My life literally revolves around music so I would still have to do something music related. Maybe a music teacher? Haha!


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