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Walter TV is a surf metal band from Vancouver. The trio started making jams together in 2011. The dudes of Walter TV are Pierce McGarry, Joe McMurray and Simon Ankenman. McGarry and McMurray used to be in Mac Demarco's band prior to Walter TV. With the two members being former Demarco bandmates, Walter TV reels in the 'slacker rock/jizz jazz' genre into a whole new spectrum. The jangle guitar, fast reverb-y riffs and McGarry's funky voice is the definition of Walter TV. These guys just released their third record, Carpe Diem, earlier this month via Sinderlyn; definitely give it a listen! On October 4th, the band will be heading off on their 'No Other Way!' tour throughout the rest of the month. They may be coming to a city near YOU!

Stream the album below and pick it up on your favorite outlet here.

MM: So y'all just released the third album yesterday, how do you guys feel about it?

Pierce: I (Pierce) am the only one around right now, so I will be fielding the questions from here on out. Everyone is offline these days!!! I think it's probably the one we're most happy with. I do the recording and producing and worked really hard and long to get the sound I wanted out of it. So I guess that's something?

MM: What was the influence behind this dreamy album?

Pierce: Is it dreamy? Leonard Cohen, Nirvana, Cocteau Twins, Thin Lizzy, Animal Collective, Fela Kuti, Modest Mouse, Cass McCombs, New Age Music, Bob Marley, My Mother and Father, Simon And Garfunkle, Mount Eerie, Karl Blau, Thanksgiving (Adrian Orange), Lovers, Loss, Death, Living, Being Confused, Working Out How To Spend The Day, What Is Worth Spending Time On (If Anything), Climate Change, Grocery Stores, Earth, Autopsies, Poetry, Everything I suppose!

MM: Is there a specific reason for the title of the record?

Pierce: Ya. I loved the movie "Dead Poets Society" growing up. It was really dark and fucked up! My dad showed it to me in my formative years when I hadn't really been introduced to the chaos that goes down in that movie. A real eye opener. I learned the saying "Carpe Diem" from Robin Williams (R.I.P.) in it. I prefer the translation that goes "enjoy the day, pluck the day when it is ripe." Then my friend Andrew Volk was showing me his photos and whamo, he had a pick of Carpe Diem, and it totally fit the vibe, lyrics and intent of the album. So there you have it!

MM: Favorite song from the new record and why?

Pierce: Maybe the last one called "LA JAM," it's the last one on the record. Why? I love jammin' with Joe and Simon! It's always been a highlight of my life making music with those guys and I feel like we got out a lot of natural emotion in this improvised rock out! It showcases our characters, and our personal situations at the time in a way.

MM: With the 'No Other Way' tour kicking off in October, is there a specific city that y'all are really excited about?

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Pierce: Just whichever ones where we have friends. It's one of the biggest perks of touring a lot, seeing friends who live all around way more often then we normally would.

MM: I understand that two of the members from Walter TV used to be a part of Mac Demarco's band, do y'all still keep in touch with each other?

Pierce: Hell ya, all those dudes are my best friends!

MM: With TV being a part of the band name, would you say that you guys watch a lot of TV? Any favorite shows?

Pierce: Not a lot as a grown up. As a kid fuck ya! I was outdoors all day but when the sun went down it was TV time fer sure! Highlight of that era gotta be the Simpsons and South Park. As an adult? Twin Peaks and Deadwood all the way! Notable mentions = King of the Road and Abandoned.

MM: If each of you could go back in time and live in a different era, which would it be and why?

Pierce: Fuck! I'm just happy that I'm heading for the future, moment by moment. If I could go back and live for a brief amount of time though? Probably the Medieval Times (any random year in there). I've always been fascinated with that time, but it would be fucking brutal to actually get back there and live through all that shit! So stinky, so much disease, so much torture!! That and/or check out Egypt when they were building the pyramids. I'd check out some of that being erected, peep the art, peep the river, hit a rave or whatever they had back then, and take me back to now please!

MM: Would you guys say that the three of you are best friends?

Pierce: 100%. We love each other.

MM: Besides the new record and upcoming tour, what is next for Walter TV?

Pierce: I mean, like as a band? What else can we do beside tour an make albums and music videos? Maybe take more promo photos too? We will check the boxes of our duties that arise as a group in the future. I guess we could write essays as a group? Or like go on a team building vacation? Go to the float tanks together? I make music videos and shorts on my own time, its my other job. Working on getting a TV show together right now.

Thanks for the interview! Peace and love!!

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