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IO Music Academy: The New Boutique Production School In the Heart Of Hollywood

Electronic music producers Andy Caldwell and Adam Johan are ready to teach you Ableton and they are open for business this October
Andy Caldwell and Adam Johan

Andy Caldwell (left) and Adam Johan (right) 

This October there's a new production school coming to town, and they are betting big on their specialized Ableton lesson plans and their hands on brick and mortar approach. Los Angeles is filled with music schools, and it's no wonder because this city is filled with aspiring young producers as well. If you throw a rock in Hollywood, you are either going to hit a tourist, an actor or a DJ/producer.

So why start another school with so many out there? IO Music Academy co-founders Andy Caldwell and Adam Johan have a firm philosophy when it comes to teaching music production. They believe in a hands-on experience, strong mentoring programs, group collaboration and most importantly decisive lesson plans. 

I/O Music Academy Inside shot

For now, the IO Music Academy is focused solely on teaching Ableton Live, and for a good reason, it's one of the most popular digital audio workstations on the market. This is not to say that later lesson plans won't open up other DAWs in the future but, for now, they are keeping things focused on Ableton.

The school's first session starts in October and they are currently taking on a limited number of students (class sizes are limited to 8) as well as offering a full scholarship to a few lucky individuals. If you are looking for a reasonably priced course that will get you on your way to creating inspired, professional sounding music, take a look at IO Music Academy.

I/O Music Academy inside shot

Magnetic caught up with co-founder Andy Caldwell to drop some FAQs.

What was the primary vision or mission for starting IO Music Academy? What do you think sets you apart?

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AC: I’ve been playing and producing music for over 25 years and I felt it was time to pass on some of what I’ve learned to the next generation of artists. When I recognize someone who’s working hard to develop their talent, it's in my nature to help them on their path. Through the school, we've done our best to create an inspiring space where people feel pushed to develop both personal and as artists. I feel confident in the innovative curriculum and classes we've created and am excited to meet and work with our future students. Over the years, I've been luck enough to make some fantastic connections in the music world and, for those that go above and beyond, who work hard to be exceptional, we will be there to help them build a career around their talent.  

What can students expect from the IO experience? What’s your academic and creative mission for your students?

AC: Our goal is to get our students working together, collaborating, pushing boundaries and realizing their fullest artistic potential. Classes are limited to 8 people and we're committed to giving students the individual they need to excel. We’re not trying to replace programs at competing institutions, what we offer is something entirely different.  

You are pushing a communal type of learning, can you explain that a bit.

AC: One of the coolest aspects of our curriculum is the artist in residence program. We have established producers come into our space and work on a track/song. Students are invited to observe, interact and ask questions; there’s really no better way to learn than by watching someone else who’s really good at what they do. We also encourage collaboration as part of our program, working together and learning from each other. This is what we mean when we say we offer an accelerated program.

Tell us a little bit about the scholarship program you are offering?

For a few lucky students, they’ll have the opportunity to enroll in our full eight-month program, completely free of charge. It’s all 4 of our levels and includes mentoring, artist in residence program and all classes. It’s a pretty sweet deal.  

What are the big picture plans for the academy?

Long term, I would like to see IO expand beyond LA to other cities both nationally and internationally. We’ve created something special here, and I’d love to see it offered to other budding artists who don’t live locally. 

Visit the IO Music Academy to learn more

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