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Kaskade Goes Back To His Roots - Announces Redux Tour

12 small venues will catch the magic of Kaskade's OG deep house sounds
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Kaskade as many of you know has deep roots in the electronic music scene and has been at it for a long time. His original sound back on the OM Records days was deep soulful house music, not the big epic sounds he's known for today. 

Redux is Kaskade's way of returning to his roots, a tour of smaller clubs, deeper sounds and a more intimate experience. If you are a fan, you DO NOT want to miss this tour. Tickets are limited so hustle. 

09/27 – Boston, Ma - Bijou
09/28 – Milwaukee, WI - Site 1A
09/29 – Minneapolis, MN - Rev Ultra Lounge
10/12 – Detroit, MI - TV Lounge
10/13 – Columbus, OH - Dahlia
10/14 – Cincinnati, OH - Jekyll
11/02 – Vancouver, BC - Celebrities Nightclub
11/03 – Sacramento, CA - The Park Ultra Lounge
11/04 – Huntington Beach, CA - Circle
11/09 – Austin, TX - Kingdom
11/10 – Dallas, TX - It'll Do
TBA – New York, NY

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