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Lights/Out Premiere: Kmyle - Perceptible Tension [Skryptöm]

The Frenchman gives us an exclusive peek at his upcoming album 'Northern Landscapes'
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Welcome everyone to the very first Lights/Out premiere here on Magnetic Mag. For those of you who've been following along since the beginning, you'll know that Lights/Out has always brought you the freshest and most cutting edge electronic music the underground has to offer. Carrying on this mission, I'm proud to bring you the first of many premieres under the Lights/Out banner. So, without further ado, lights out, heads down, let's go. 


After celebrating 10 years of quality releases, Skyptöm is already back to work with the debut album of French techno artist Kmyle. Although he recently put out an EP on Clergy Records, which Cleric touched on in his interview last month, Kmyle's debut album is a true journey through his life in the form of mind-bending techno and breaks. I often refrain from using the term journey, but this album is just that. You'll have to wait until September 20th to hear the full release, but fortunately, I have a perfect appetiser to hold you over. 

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"Perceptible Tension: it is pure energy. I produced this piece one day when my brain was trapped in a bad memory loop. This helped me to free my mind of the negative tension." - Kmyle

Track number 7 of the album, titled 'Perceptible Tension', is a prime example of what the album has to offer. It's psychedelic, a bit weird, and makes you ever so slightly uncomfortable. I love this aspect. Much of the techno that is being released today really borders tech-house, to the point where you can't tell if it's one or the other, but this is techno in its purest form: the sound of the future. The track isn't cluttered with big build-ups and samples. It has space, and everything is right where it needs to be. Said space gives you the ability to focus on each sound and allows you to really appreciate the music. This is what I want to be hearing at 3 am in a dark warehouse. Well, I take that back. I listen to this anywhere. Take a listen below, and be sure to grab Kymle's debut album when it hits stores later this month. 

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