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Markus Schulz Says His Miami Coldharbour Studios Was Looted After Hurricane Irma

Schulz says the looters took equipment and his golden mixer won back in 2014.

Hurricane Harvey and Irma have shows the incredible compassion, unity and human spirit we are all capable of. But just since we so flawed, there will always be those who look to take advantage of a bad situation for their own personal gain. As someone who calls Miami home, Markus Schulz, was well aware of the risks the city faced from Hurricane Irma. He evacuated, but according to a Facebook post, his Coldharbor Studios was looted in the aftermath of the hurricane.

He says the robbers got away with equipment and his Pioneer gold mixer that he received for winning DJ Times' America's Best DJ in 2014.

“The equipment can of course be replaced, but something which was cherished with prestige, pride and sentimental value cannot,” writes Schulz. “Knowing that returning home and no longer being able to look at something as special as this residing in the studio makes me incredibly sad.”

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Even when people come together to help others in their time of need, there will be others looking to take advantage of the situation. The mixer is a very unique item, so it would be something very noticeable if resold.

We wish Schulz the best in getting the mixer back, re-outfitting the studio and of course the recovery for everyone impacted by Irma. 

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