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Martin Garrix Wins 2-Year Lawsuit Against Spinnin Records

Martin Garrix wins back his masters as a result of the decision.
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Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix has won his lawsuit against his former label Spinnin' Records. The Dutch producer star got embroiled in a lengthy 2-year lawsuit that slowly worked its way through the courts over breach of contract and who owns the masters of his works.

Garrix left Spinnin and MusicAllStars Management, companies both owned by Eelko van Kooten (until van Kooten sold Spinnin' to Warner recently), in 2015 to start his own label and chart his own path. From there, lawsuits and a public war of words ensued that has finally been potentially resolved, barring any appeals from the Spinnin' camp.

As a result of the decision, according to Dutch publication Rechtspraak, his contract with the label has ended and he has reclaimed the masters for his recordings released on the label, including songs like “Virus” and “Animals.” This could have implications for other artists who have exited Spinnin' in the past couple of years and may want their masters back as well. They may not have the money to afford lengthy legal battle with a now Warner-owned label though.

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“I am happy with this outcome, not only for myself but also for all other DJ's/producers out there, since this case was not only about me, but about all of us artists,” says Garrix in a statement. 

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