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Meet The Imagine Festival 2017 Your Slot Here DJ Mix Contest Winner: Jozziah

We chat with Jozzaih, the winner of our Imagine Festival DJ Mix competition.
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We are happy to present our Imagine Festival Your Slot Here DJ Mix contest winner, Jozziah. The Weslaco, Texas native draws his influences listening to the likes of Laidback Luke, Tiësto, Illenium, Jauz, Slushii, Boombox Cartel and Snails. His father is a DJ, (DJ Agro), who he credits as a major influence in his life and as the main person who has helped him get to where he is now. He will now get the chance to play in front of thousands at Imagine Music Festival outside of Atlanta later this month on a lineup that features the likes of Deadmau5, Seven Lions, Above & Beyond, MK and Ilenium. Tickets are still available on their website.

Without further ado, listen to his winning mix and read on for our interview with Jozzaih to find out a bit more about the DJ.

1. You’ve just won the Your Slot Here DJ Mix contest. How are you feeling right now?

I feel really excited about winning this contest and blessed that I will be able to play at my first festival in front of so many people!

2. Can you describe your sound and inspirations as a DJ?

I like many different types of styles such as trap, dubstep, bass music, progressive house, and future bass. I also like to bring back popular forgotten songs and mix them with awesome bass or dubstep sounds. The sounds I really like the most though is dubstep, trap and bass. These amazing sounds run chills through my body. Even when I'm looking for new sounds to put in for my mixes they make me feel happy and remind me of the passion I have for the art of music. 

From the start of DJing I loved listening to Tiesto, Deorro, Carnage, Steve Aoki, and Laidback Luke. As I started getting more into the music, I started focusing mainly on trap and dubstep, I started listening to artists such as Ghastly, Jauz, Slushii, Snails, Boombox Cartel, Nghtmre, Illenium, San Holo and many more. All of these artists inspired me to gather all of their awesome tracks and mix them into my own style of DJing.

3. What got you into DJing? What kind of gear are you using?

I wouldn't be DJing or wouldn't be here if it wasn't for my step Dad (DJ Agro). He was actually the one who told me to enter this contest. I remember when I was fifteen years old and I would always wonder how my dad would DJ and how he would mix tracks together and I would just be there amazed on what he was doing. I would ask him to teach me and he did, he taught me all the basics of being a DJ. I remember playing outside when we had small parties or have cookouts and I would be there playing the music my dad had and DJ for my family until my parents got me my own controller, which I still use today. 

I would practice everyday in my room just learning more and more about DJing. I would ask my dad a few questions here and there but, the rest I figured it all out on my own or I would go online sometimes if I was stuck on something. I would always perfect my transitions, and how I would mix tracks together. Each and everyday I spent my time practicing and I progressed and grew a bigger imagination on how I could mix and mash up tracks together. until this day I'm still learning more and more so I can master my technical skills of DJing. Even though I don't have the best gear I still practice to improve my technical skills. The gear I use is a DDJ - SR with a Mac for Serato DJ and my USB that has all my music. Lastly I use a KRK Rocket8 speaker.

4. Did you think you had a chance at winning this? What was your secret sauce on this particular mix?

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Before entering the competition I wasn't very confident in myself because I thought someone would be way better than me. As the competition went on I was listening to all the other DJs that entered their own mix to hear their style of mixing. When I finished hearing some of the mix's I told myself that I had to make something different than all the other DJs in the contest. I worked really hard, made sure I had the right song selections and poured my heart out to the one hour mix.

5. Have you gigged much in your local area? And do you see this as a career path or more of a hobby with benefits?

Yes I've done small gigs here and there but this will be my first time playing at a festival, which I'm looking forward to playing for so many people! When ever I would go see DJs play live at a concert I would always think to myself and say, "wow I wish I could be up there" I would always dream about this and now it's becoming a dream come true to perform at a festival, no matter how many people are there watching me DJ it would still be so amazing to play for those people and just keep feeding them amazing music so this is both a hobby and a career path I would love to take!

6. Where do you call home? How’s the local scene there?

I come from a small town in Deep South Texas. Weslaco, TX, which is in the Rio Grande Valley (RGV). It's really close to the border and is a growing scene! I've been so grateful to be able to see the artists that have come down here, such as; Tiesto, Slushii, Drezo, DJ snake, Kaskade and so many more.

7. What can we expect from your festival set at Imagine?

A lot of energy and guaranteed to run chills down your body! 

Follow him on various socials:

Instagram: OfficialJozziah

Twitter: OfficialJozziah


SoundCloud: Jozziah

Snapchat: Josiah.ortega

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