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Olle Corneer Of Dada Life No Longer Touring, Focus Time On Studio Work

Corneer cites health concerns as why he wants to stop touring.
DADA LIFE's Stefan Engblom and Olle Cornéer

Dada Life will see a change in the future. One half of the duo, Olle Corneer has announced that he will no longer tour as a part of the duo and only spend time in the studio. In a statement he explains that this is a decision he has been coming to over some time and not part of his recent cancer diagnoses, which he beat.

"I love being on stage and meeting so many of you all over the world. But thousands of flights, and thousands of miles on the road is hard on the body and mind and lately I haven't felt really well. I haven't crashed yet, but my body is telling me that it will definitely happen if I keep on like this. To be clear: this has nothing to do with my cancer (I'm still healthy and 100% free from it).

That's why together Stefan and I have decided that I'm going to stop touring from now on. Dada Life is still both of us. I'll stay in the studio (with Stefan) while Stefan keeps spreading the Rules of Dada all over the world.

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I will miss you all. But health first."

This is not an uncommon this for DJs to do. In Aly & Fila, only Fila goes on tour. Dash Berlin has two producers in the studio, while the frontman goes out and tours. It can let you put out more music and still do shows. Win-Win. Also Corneer has his own very anti-Dada Life project ,Night Gestalt, which is he putting more time into. 

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