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Pioneer Announces New HDJ-X Headphone Line

Pioneer's new headphones have been built from the ground up and created to take a serious beating
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Pioneer DJ has announced that they have completely redesigned their flagship over-ear headphone line, calling them the HDJ-X, with three new models each at different price points. Dubbed the HDJ-X10, X7, and X5, the new headphones have been built from the ground up and created to take a serious beating, all while providing incredible sound and quality.

The X10, Pioneer's top of the line model, features completely new technology that surpasses the previous 2000mk2 model. The driver has been upgraded with what Pioneer's new 50mm HD driver that extends the range of sound from 5hz to 40z, the world's first. Also making a debut is the new nano coating on the headband and earpads that protect them from dirt and sweat, prolonging the life of your headphones with a bit of cleaning.

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Speaking of the HDJ2000mk2s, the new X7 is its successor but includes newly developed drivers for an even better and clearer sound. The X5 model features a new 40-mm driver with copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils. The magnetic circuit is optimized thanks to fine noise suppression and elaborate tuning, for distortion-free sound for easy monitoring. Each new model looks extremely polished and professional, and we can't wait to get our hands on them.

The new headphones will be available from mid-September at the following prices:

HDJ-X10: $349

HDJ-X7: $199

HDJ-X5: $99

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