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Point Blank LA Hosting Open House With Computo on September 13th

This is your chance to see if extra music courses are right for you at Point Blank.
Point Blank LA

Next Wednesday, September 13th, Point Blank LA will host an open house for prospective students and generally anyone interested in music production to come by network and learn from their teachers, notably Computo. Computo will treat the attendees to a masterclass session as their key modular instructor.

The session will start at 7 where attendees can come and meet the instructors. The masterclass will start at 7:30 and last for 45 minutes, with Q&A at the end. For the final 15 minutes, there will be a prize giveaway and tour.  Get more info here.

We were able to ask Computo a few questions ahead of the masterclass about the benefits of music education and the challenges he faces as a teacher.

1. What is one thing you would say to someone who is skeptical of checking out / paying for a school like Point Blank?

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Having grown up in a traditional music conservatory environment, I know how important it is to be around people who are on a similar musical path. Most electronic musicians make music alone in their studio. However, working and learning with others who are each perfecting the craft can yield unexpected rewards. Everyone learns different tricks, with different goals and tastes. When those interests collide in the classroom, new discoveries are made, bonds are formed between musicians and everyone learns from each other. Put simply, finding a community is critical, and that is one of the things we try to foster here.

2. What is the biggest challenge you face when teaching students?

Teaching music composition and production has countless rewards, but one of the most challenging aspects is teaching people who have never made music before. We have to work from the ground up, from the most basic details like notes and scales to translating musical ideas into a real musical result. Fortunately, we have developed a good program for accelerating this process, and hearing the work that these same students are creating only a few months into their journey is extraordinarily exhilarating.

In addition to the open house next week, Point Blank LA will have a master class with Todd Edwards on October 5th. If you want to learn from one of the best at producing all types of electronic music and pop.

Point Blank Open House September 2017 Computo

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