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Premiere: Alberto Ruiz Delivers Soothing Remix For Coca & Villa Classic 'La Noche'

Alberto Ruiz brings the iconic trance track to the club.
Alberto Ruiz

Coca & Villa’s iconic 2004 single with Pepe Rubio is coming back. It never really went away, but it is being revived in a major way with a new batch of remixes by D-Formation, Mario Ochoa, Alberto Ruiz and Juliet Sikora & Made In Riot. We are happy to premiere the Alberto Ruiz remix for you here today.

The remix keeps much of the guitar part, which is what has made this song so timeless. It helped bring guitars to trance music, the way Robert Miles' “Children” helped bring an iconic piano melody to trance in 1996.

The song peaks at the points where the guitar is the focus, but Ruiz gives the song an update with a chugging bass line that takes over and will make this easy to bring to a club or festival setting for the Southern Hemisphere. 

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"'La Noche' is a song that I have in vinyl that brings me a good memory of the scene of the time, I wanted to keep the original parts with some small variations reverse and a simple base so that more harmony is perceived," says Ruiz in a statement to Magnetic. 

The remix will be released as part of the larger package on September 22nd via Beatfreak Recordings. 

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