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Premiere: Andromulus Brings Relentless Firepower To New Single 'Phantom'

Andromulus will release his Loud In The Streets EP on September 15th via Firepower Records.

Los Angeles-based producer, Andromulus, is gearing up to release his new EP Loud In The Streets on Datsik’s Firepower Records. We are ready at Magnetic to premiere one of the records titled “Phantom” off of the EP.

There is nothing hidden or ghostly about this track and there are so many reasons why this song bangs. The tune has a bit of everything going off at the moment. If you needed a summary of electronic music at the moment, this would give it to you at the moment. The first drop has club elements in it with a trap underbelly, before moving to a trap break with some strong synths and video game sounds. Grimy deep bass growls make their way into the tune even as it switches one last time at the end into some g house.

He packs it all into a track that is 4 minutes and 20 seconds long. You are kidding if you think that is an accident.

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"Phantom is a track that I wanted to test my own creative boundaries with. It's one that I already had the drop and relative shape done in my head before even starting it. I wanted the listener to get an exact feel of what I'm about: being obsessed with an attractively catchy melody and a fun and aggressively energetic drop,” says Andromulus to Magnetic. “It's a unique track I'm sure listeners of any genre could appreciate. Why is it called 'Phantom?' I don't know why, but the key of G minor always had a dark and haunting vibe to me, hence spooky ghosts, you know?”

Listen to the tune below and pre-order the four-track EP here.

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