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Premiere: Bastian Bux Unveils Mesmerizing New Suara Single "Lights"

Bastian Bux's new EP on Suara will be released on September 25th. We have the title track now.
Bastian Bux

Bastian Bux

Bastian Bux first made his debut on Suara a little over two years ago. Since then he has emerged as a name to know in electronic music, but with a new EP coming on Coyu’s label, we are ready to see a homecoming of sorts from the producer. He is readying to release “Lights, which includes two singles and three remixes of the title track “Lights,” which are happy to premiere for you today.

The track is a long and brooding single with punchy drums, synth stabs and muddled vocals from Kyla Millette that add a very different element which you don’t normally don’t get to a techno track like this.

"The history of this track started more than a year ago, when I discovered the voice of Kyla Millette. After getting in contact, I sent her a draft and she recorded a long vocal line over it. Everything was good at the beginning but after working on the song for weeks I lost my connection with it, and kind of abandoned the project,” recalls Bastian Bux to Magnetic Mag.

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“Some months later I wrote the instrumental of 'Lights,' the one you listen to now. I wanted to make something intense and sensible at the same time. I loved the beats and the melodies but I was missing something… and I decided to put the vocal of Kyla over it. It was not even in the same key so the process was a little bit tricky at the beginning but ended up creating this mysterious and old-trance-y vibe the vocal has now. I made some different layers and atmospheres with the voice and the track began to be solid. After testing it out a couple of times I did some changes on the arrangement and the result is one of the most special tracks I’ve done to date, in my modest opinion. I know it could be risky; it is not common that an underground producer uses this kind of vocals now, but I think that it is impossible to find something more soul-touching that the human voice. I like taking risks. Music wouldn’t have evolved without them.”

The EP will be released on Monday, September 25th via Suara. Pre-order on Beatport here.

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