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Los Angeles based producer Ben Dragon has some fire for your ears. He helps keep the summer heat streak going with his newest single “Pump & Shake.” The robotic vocals and dirty Detroit tech house beat gradually build up to an epic breakdown at the end. “Pump & Shake” is the first single off of Ben’s EP Supernatural Selection set for release at the end of this month on his own imprint Fire To My Ears Records. Ben accomplishes a difficult feat by delivering a song that is simultaneously both sexy and weird.


Ben’s trademark sound builds on the foundation of the early house and techno pioneers with fat bass, infectious grooves, and a wide fusion of musical influences acquired through his origins in Chicago, London, and Los Angeles - some of the world's most vibrant and diverse music meccas. Previously an accomplished recording engineer, Ben’s productions have received airplay from some of the most respected radio stations around the globe including Dash Radio, Subliminal Radio, and Amsterdam's Most Wanted House Radio.

“Pump & Shake” is now available for free download on Soundcloud.  

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