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Having had an awesome year of production and DJing, the super skilled dubstep artist Dion Timmer is about to create another stir. At only just 18 years old, he has been taken under the wing of bass behemoth Excision, and has already made tracks with the boss himself.

With an appearance at the Lost Lands Music Festival happening this weekend, Timmer has made a special mix in anticipation - and a massive single featuring MagMag as well. 

The wicked "Berzerk" is filled with the rough-edged power we have come to expect from him, and there is a vibrancy to that thickly strung bassline that is hard to beat. UK MC MagMag makes for a slick addition to proceedings, and this dark banger is likely to send fans quite literally "Berzerk." 

Check this one out right now - you can grab a copy here. 

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