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Premiere: Henrik Villard - Takterasse EP [Nite Records]

Fresh off his debut on the Summer Nites compilation, Henrik returns with a smooth 3-track EP.
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After having a track on the annual 'Summer Nites' compilation, Henrik Villard returns to Nite Records with a 3 track EP titled 'Takterasse'. The release is smooth as smooth can be, like perfectly squeezed toothpaste. There is a very classic easy-sleazy deeper French House vibe to the release and reminds you of a less indie Cherokee, or even older Daft Punk. Think 'Club Soda', or 'Something About You'. Was this intended? Probably. Are we OK with that? Absolutely. The release definitely has a late-summer early-fall vibe to it, which is perfect seeing as it's that time of year. What I love about each track is that they all border that lounge and deep house line. Perfect music for riding your bike or laying by a pool, because that's what people in California do in fall. Take a listen below, and be sure to grab a copy of the EP here

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