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Premiere: J.Views 'Don't Pull Away' Gets Blissful Remix From RKCB

J.Views biggest single from 401 Days gets a blissful rework from RKCB.

Brooklyn-based Israeli artist, J.Views, released his remarkable third album last year 401 Days. On it is the insatiably catchy “We Moved,” which J.Views just released a few edits to accentuate those qualities. But the biggest single from the LP was the sublime “Don’t Pull Away” featuring Milosh. We are proud to premiere the RKCB remix of that wonderful work for you today.

The song keeps much of the same soothing atmosphere from the original. RKCB slows things down a little more with a long build of claps, strings and vocals. This all eventually gets louder, adding more synth elements and drums, but has a slowed down, drawn out feeling to it. It is almost like trying to walk through quicksand, but the most pleasant walk through quicksand you will ever have.

“I love RKCB, and I had the honor to remix them earlier this year,” says J.Views to Magnetic. “We've first gotten in touch after they heard 'Don't Pull Away,' so having their take on this song is a nice full-circle, happy to have their sound as part of 401.1.

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Listen to the remix below, which will be released on October 5th in addition to a JABS remake of “A River.”

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