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Premiere: Lafreshman Effortlessly Blends Sensitive Beats With Powerful Rhymes in "Formula One"

While the song is powerful like the real Formula One, it's syrupy production makes this much easier on the ears.
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The Bay Area has always been known for their powerful hip-hop anthems and eclectic street culture, and while Lafreshman certainly embodies some aspects of the style he grew up in, he's definitely ready to make a mark of his own with his latest work, "Formula One." 

The track effortlessly blends a mix of hip hop, R&B, soul, and pop to bring out an emotional work that manages to gracefully balance between party anthem and deep-thinking lyricism. The result proves Lafreshman's complexity as an artist, as well as his adaptability to current trends while still staying true to himself. The song is certainly a grower, as I wasn't an immediate fan, but over time it's eclectic touch proved its genius. 

On the release, he noted: 

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"Formula One is a song that you can vibe to, but also will get you thinking through the lyrics and story behind it. I wanted to give something that combines the lyricism and poetry of rap lyrics but also give off a vibe you can zone to. When I finished I automatically knew it was something I needed to share." 

The classically trained Saxophonist caught the music bug early through his classical training but recently moved out to Los Angeles, renamed himself Lafreshman (befitting to his newcomer status to the Southern California area), and has been gaining fans steadily on various platforms.

Check out the track below. 

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