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Premiere: M.E.E.O 'Rise & Fall In Love' Is A Beautiful Electronic Musical Journey

M.E.E.O's "Rise & Fall In Love" is accompanied by remixes from Thomas Gandey and Michael Hooker.
M.E.E.O - Rise & Fall In Love

Swedish producer M.E.E.O. born Mathias Eriksson, is gearing up to release his new single “Rise and Fall In Love” via Re:Sound Music on Monday, October 2nd. Along with the new single comes two remixes from Noir, Suara and Get Physical signee Thomas Gandey and then the Re:Sound Music label boss Michael Hooker. We are proud to bring the whole package to you today.

The original is a proggy, six and a half minute tune with some strong bass, rolling percussion and rising synths. The Thomas Gandey is where things really start to peak. It is one of those end of the night tracks, clocking in at almost 11 minutes of slow developing melodies, layered synths and haunting chords. It is a beautiful and elegant piece of dance music. Michael Hooker finds a middle ground between the two with a more minimal and techy approach to his remix.

“I initially created 'Rise and Fall in Love' quite quickly but I was pleased with how it sounded so I submitted it to Michael Hooker at Re:Sound Music. He really liked it too and suggested that it would be a good idea to get a remix done by another artist to add to the release. Michael arranged for Thomas Gandey to do a version and I was ecstatic! A few weeks later, we received his remix and it was stunning! 

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It was then I realized that my own version needed more work so I went back into the studio. This turned out to be a real learning curve but I was adamant that I wanted the song to take you on an emotional journey where the peaks feel good. It actually took me four or five attempts until I was completely happy that my track was the best it could be but I'm glad I took the time as the end result is far better,” says M.E.E.O to Magnetic.

“We discussed adding a second remix to the EP and that’s when we decided Michael should be the one to complete the package. I was blown away when I heard all three versions together. They are all so different yet gel so well. It's like my own trilogy and I'm really proud of it!

I am blessed that I connected with Michael. The label has become a great platform for me. All of the artists that are signed work together and support each other and it's a good feeling to be part of that. It feels very uplifting and it's all down to the team spirit that Michael creates. I'm going to be doing collaborations and will have more releases on Re:Sound Music in the near future so watch this space!”

All three tunes will be released on October 2nd. Pre-order the package on Beatport. Stream all three songs below. 

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