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Premiere: Miguel Campbell & Colour Castle Share Soulful House Cut 'I Know A Place'

Miguel Campbell and Colour Castle link up on this soulful cut out on Friday.
Miguel Campbell

British producer Miguel Campbell has been a part of the house scene since the 1990s. It’s soul is in his blood. He is now bringing that to a new record with Sydney DJ Colour Castle, sharing an upcoming soulful cut “I Know A Place.”

The tune finds much of its soul in the vocal, but the strong and steady bassline to the nearest dancefloor (unless you live in a walk-in closet, which then good luck).

"Having recently remixed Colour Castle, Chris (CC) and I decided to collaborate with one another and so when I was on tour in Sydney, we hooked up in the studio and connected very well,” says Miguel Campbell about the tune to Magnetic. “We have since worked on several bits together and I am very excited about our collaborative sound, the best is still to come.”

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Colour Castle also comments on their time together in Sydney and says there may be more to come from the two artists.

“It was great to work with a producer who I have been a fan of for such a long time. We were lucky enough to get into my studio twice while Miguel was in Sydney. Vibes were high and the energy whilst creating this track will be something I will never forget. This won't be the last from us either,” says Colour Castle.

I Know A Place" will be released this Friday, September 29th via ASTRX. Until then, stream it below.

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