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Premiere: Robosonic Unveils Abstract Artistic Video For Jan Weigel & Cord Labuhn 'Drowning' Remix

Robosonic wants you to be drowning in paint and broken sculptures.
Robosonic Cord Labuhn

German production duo Robosonic released their single “Drowning” featuring Son Little last year. To give the track a bit of an update, they have unveiled a remix from Jan Weigel & Cord Labuhn, one of the members of Robosonic, which keeps the haunting and memorable vocal and then reworks the tune with a slow building, brooding instrumental. To tie it all together, they have put together a video for the remix.

The video is a work of art, featuring various scultpures, moving and melting paintings, coming together to the rhythm of the beat. It is abstract and fits with fits with the overwhelming feeling that Son Little conveys in the track.

Cord Labuhn of Robosonic gives us a VERY detailed description of how the song and video came to be that would put it all in context.

“The original beat of “Drowning” I made on tour in Costa Rica on the most calm and beautiful beach I could imagine. Rough sea plus some sweet seaweed, I recorded some dry woods for percussions right into my laptop. I was really lucky to be there, but the whole song became something pretty melancholy in the end. The vocals of American RnB-Blues singer Son Little were so heartfelt and true to me, even more when I went to rework the whole track again with my man Jansen just recently.

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Friends of us, filmmakers of 908video in Berlin, the Hartmann brothers were asked to direct and shoot a video for the original version of Drowning So when they went deep down and were diving into the details, the miniatures, the moody abstractions and details of their visual concept, Jan Weigel and me wanted to sit down together and started rearranging the whole thing, to make it one.

The lyrics and mood pretty much reflect how I was feeling in late 2016, facing dead ends in two of the most important, longest relationships of my life – work, friendship and love related.

Well, besides all that pity and creative therapy I remember a really funny night, when Son Little came to Berlin to play a show and we were going out together afterwards, digging into Berlin club life, which seemed to be a whole new world to him, at least in this dimension. So placing his voice and lyrics in that context and release it on Get Physical, having it played by DJs all around the world, is a wonderful hybrid production working its magic. I decided to put my Cord Labuhn stamp on the rework, because it feels so personal it's not so much of a club track anymore. It rather reflects my beatmaking and ambient ambitions. Big shoutout to Jan Weigel of course, being one of the coolest studio wizards I know and a partner in crime you can count on. So working with him helped me a lot going up again, to the surface, to the sun!

Watch the video premiere below.

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