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Coming out today is the new double-release from Sweden's very own dance floor dominators Vigiland. Dropping through Universal Music Sweden is "Another Shot," a tune which follows on from the outstanding viral success of their last effort "Friday Night," which has amassed well over 26 million Spotify streams. 

Going down a more melodic, expressive route, "Another Shot" sits comfortably with its vibrant vocals and pacy instrumentation. Progressively dynamic and full of fizz, we can expect to see this one get some seriously strong airtime in the next few weeks. 

This sound also comes alongside an ESL remix, which allows for more of an expansive bassline, and coincides with the New York based gaming event on September 16th. 

To coincide with the track, we tracked down Vigiland to hear more from them... 

We’ve been following your journey for quite some time and your music never fails to make an impression! What is different about your sound now to when you first started?

This track is very different from our other productions. We decided that it was time to take the Vigiland sound to the next level. We’ve been working with the traditional Melbourne Bounce sound for quite some time now and after a while it’s inevidable to develop it into something else, you know? I think that we’re moving more and more into the pop type of sound. Lately, all our songs have been more or less pop songs packaged into the Vigiland world. It’s time to take it to the next step. It's more pop and rock this time, but we still have the Melbourne bounce bass very low in the mix to keep the Vigiland vibe!

What are some of the best parts about being Vigiland?

It's all beers we get to drink. Haha no seriously, the best thing is that we get to wake up every day and continue to do what we love, and still being able to pay the bills. We know how lucky we are. Also to be able to travel the world to meet the fans and play our music to them, it’s just an unbelievable feeling - and to go NUTS at our shows!

Who still influences you musically?

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Avicii! The last EP was insane! Absolutely amazing. However, there’s so many influences from our friends and colleagues who’re always showing us new music. You find your picks here and there really.

What do you find most enjoyable about making music together?

That we always have fun in the studio. Even if there’s a rough couple of days or even weeks – we still do it with a smile. It’s incredible to be able to this with your best friend and to be able to experiment with new sounds to craft the next single, remix or just an edit for our live shows.

Talk us through your new single ‘Another Shot’- how long did it take to write, and what originally inspired it?

We went into the studio this spring with our main co-writer Simon Strömstedt who’s also the writer behind "Pong Dance", "Shots & Squats" and "Friday Night." The lyrics, chords and some basic production took more or less one day. When we had the foundation of the lyrics, we decided that we should go with a duet vocal. We reached out to the amazing Tiffany Blom who came down to the studio instantly and laid down her vocals. Initially, the idea was to replace her vocals later on but with the time her vocal really grew on us, and after a while we couldn't really hear anyone else singing her part of the song - so all of us decided to ask her nicely if we could keep the vocals on the song. Thankfully she was cool with it! However, we knew we had to get it right and sort of different, so we worked hard for like a week in the studio and on the drop breaks; everything took like a week from there. 

You’ve also done an ESL Edit? How does it differ?

Yes! It’s a version that much more produced in the electro/dance type of sound! We love that version as it’s kind of where we come from originally. It’s more powerful and emotional with a great intro. Really cinematic strings as well on there. This one is for the gamers!

With your tunes regularly going viral and getting played across the world, what are your goals now for the next couple of years?

We’re truly blessed to be able to make this for a living. We’ve never taken this for granted, nor will we take it for granted. We’ll continue to make music obviously and experiment with genres and collaborations. Currently we’ve got a really cool idea for the next single which we’re working hard on. We’re gonna continue our amazing tours abroad to spread the Vigiland love and hopefully make even more people aware of our songs. See you guys out there!

Be sure to check "Another Shot" out. You can get yourself a copy right here. 

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