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This Labor Day weekend, Chicago had its eighth year of North Coast Music Festival that brought out thousands of fans and new attendees. North Coast Music Festival focuses on what more it could do for the festival industry and Chicago itself. The North Coast team made up of React Presents, Silver Wrapper, Cold Grums Productions, and Metronome, all worked together to create a more immersive festival for the Chicagoland area. The team’s motto is “For Chicago, by Chicago," and they have succeeded in that motto. They not only scheduled an amazing lineup full of all genres of music, which included big names such as Gucci Mane, Primus, and Deadmau5, but as well gave spots to local musicians and artists to enhance the festival. In one of the nation's growing festival capitals, North Coast has put itself on the map by including all types of artists from the festival's hometown. To see more on why North Coast has survived the murky industry of music festivals and why it has stood out among the others in the area, read our piece: “How North Coast Has Stood the Test of Time.”

We love North Coast because of its versatile lineup, delicious food options, location and the fact that the North Coast team pushes themselves to make sure that it is known for more just music. The festival invites artists from around Chicago to attend the festival and create artwork as the festival happens. We had such a blast at North Coast Music Festival and now that you are fully recovered from the Labor Day weekend, we want to tell you some memorable things that happened while we were there.

The Rain

North Coast Post Malone

Post Malone: Day Two in the rain

It seems odd that we would say the rain made North Coast fantastic, but somehow it made it that much more special. For the past couple of years, North Coast has been blessed with no rain; however, on the second day of this year the festival there was a downpour. The reason we loved this so much was that the attendees did not run for cover or out of the festival, they stayed and braved the storm. We partied in the rain while listening to our favorite artists. Post Malone was one of them as he encouraged us to keep going in the rain and instead of hiding under the stage marquee, he allowed it to rain on him too. It became an intimate moment of everyone trying to stay dry by dancing and watching Post Malone.

Chicago’s Most Wanted

Well, to be honest, there are no words. If you wanted a party, you found it at the Bass DJ tent on the second day. Chicago’s Most Wanted showed us all exactly how Chicago gets down. Let’s just say, it was nuts. Artists from around Chicago gathered together to play b2b for 2 hours. There was so much energy and passion behind that DJ booth that it’s hard to describe. Chicago’s Most Wanted included Porn and Chicken, The Trap House, and Light.Em.Up; who throw some of the best parties in Chicago. The crew played the heaviest set of the day, literally forcing us to dance, jump and crowd surf. There were many sets that were fun, but if you weren’t at Chicago’s Most Wanted you definitely missed out. The energy that emulated from these DJs was incredible. It showed everyone who attended exactly what Chicago is made of.

Chance the Rapper

North Coast Chance The Rapper

Chance The Rapper surprise set with The Cool Kids

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North Coast gave us a ton of surprises this year. One of the best surprises happened on Sunday when we were all blessed by Chance the Rapper. At first, we saw him casually walking through the crowd, which was amazing in itself, but then he popped up on stage in the middle of The Cool Kids' set. Chance spoke about how The Cool Kids were like family and that he looked up to them as a growing artist on the south side. Chance is constantly looking for ways to give back to the community that raised him and noted this was his first time performing live with the group. As Chance continues to grow in popularity, his love for Chicago and dedication to music continues to grow as well. 

Live Art

North Coast Live Art

Live Street Art in the Silent Disco

It’s no surprise that North Coast is known for it live art. One of the things we love about the festival is that you can walk throughout the festival and see many different local artists working on fantastic pieces. The Silent Disco was the perfect place to see all types of artists from around the city work on a huge mural. As you had your headphones on listening to the DJ, you could watch a street artist create a masterpiece inspired by the same music you were listening to. One of our favorite pieces were the construction cones that you could contribute to yourself. Whatever you wanted to say or whatever you had on your mind while listening to the Silent Disco, you could add to the collection and make yourself part of the experience. We hope this stays a trend at North Coast.

React Presents, Silver Wrapper, Cold Grums Productions, and Metronome have succeeded in giving us another beautiful North Coast weekend. 

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Let us know in the comments below why you loved North Coast Music Festival. 

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