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Roland To Unveil New Gear During Week Long Online The Future Redefined Festival

New products to include percussion instruments and more
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Following on from last year, Roland has announced the Future Redefined Festival for 2017. Over the course of seven days, Roland will showcase new products ranging from wind instruments, percussion, and most notably, the 30th anniversary of the legendary D-50. For those of who are unaware, the D-50 was Roland's first all-digital synthesizer, and responsible for many of the big sounds the 80's were known for. 

In celebration, Roland has planned for exclusive interviews with the engineers who developed the D-50 and tributes from a roster of D-50 fans, including top artists and producers, are all slated in honor of the D-50’s legacy. It seems this is the biggest part of the celebration, whereas last year we got the first look at the TB-03, TR-09, and System 8 plug-out synths, amongst others. Could Roland have something special up their sleeve? We will have to wait and see. Check the video below for an idea of what the D-50 sounds like. For more information about the upcoming festival, visit Roland's website here. 

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