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Spotlight - Berlin Based Beckett Drops New Video For "Butterflies" Feat Claire Ridgely

Turn up this emotive downtempo groover from newcomer Beckett
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Berlin-based Beckett and his first track, "Butterflies" has just received a new video shot on location in Montreal featuring vocalist Claire Ridgely. 

Claire Ridgely, who has already been featured on Robotaki's "Monkey Bars" (Majestic Casual Records), and Pat Lok's "Crystal Ball" (Kitsuné).

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself
Beckett is a project I created to have a blank canvas for collaborating with interesting feature artists like Claire Ridgely on my release "Butterflies". At times I encounter voices that give me a vision immediately, so I like the idea of having this project, that lays it's focus on the features.

Where did the new single come from?
Claire Ridgely has been on my musical radar for some time now, and she had some great collaborations already, that's why I'm really glad I got in contact with her. My idea for the song has been pretty clear and Claire turned out to be the perfect fit.

Is there more content in the pipeline?
I have a second release "Fame" feat. Belgian artist Alex Lucas ready, which is about do drop soon. It has a different feeling and includes the line "why is everybody looking for fame" - which is one of the key aspects to Beckett. It's about putting talented features in the spotlight, rather than me as a person.

What's on the horizon for you?
I'll keep on reaching out to exciting artists and currently am working on my first EP.

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"Working with the Butterflies team has been a real treat. Beckett made an amazing track and director Fabian Podeszwa, a killer visual to match. I remember being in the booth on the first day of recording and trying to convey a certain feeling in the way I pronounced the words, in my tone, harmonies, etc. Fabi honed in on that vibe and made an honest, fun-loving clip that really breathes life and context into the lyrics.

One of my favorite things about this video is that my friends and my dog got to be a part of it. On set, it made for a genuine and positive dynamic, which really helped everyone to feel comfortable and get in the zone. The scene with the inflatable pool in the kitchen was so much fun to shoot. When else do you get to soak in a kiddie pool filled with fruits and friends!? It was so awesome to be surrounded by people who were invested in the project and willing to put in long days to get the right shot. Here's to the whole team." - Clare Ridgely

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