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Spotlight: UK Rapper Cianna Blaze Fires One Into Your Eyeballs In New Video For 'On Fire'

Cianna Blaze has said her sound is like “Rage against the Machine meets Andre 3000.”
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Fresh, feisty and full of attitude, Cianna Blaze has enjoyed success with releases like 2014s 808, featuring Audra Nishita and ‘Phase Me’ featuring D Dark, and has also been featured artist herself on the new release ‘Baddest Breed’, recorded with Maxim from The Prodigy on the Death Drum Rebel Label.

British rap artist Cianna Blaze is proud to debut her brand new single titled “On Fire”, to serve as the lead single of her forthcoming EP of the same name, due to be released September 1st.

“On Fire” sees Cianna Blaze in outstanding form, highlighting her sharp wordplay and witty humour as she unabashedly speaks her mind over the hard-hitting backdrop.

Cianna Blaze has said her sound is like “Rage against the Machine meets Andre 3000.”

With the release of her new single “On Fire”, the clamour for her long-awaited first studio EP is set to reach an all-time high.

Check the video above for the original mix and check the Mob Tactics Remix. This release features a version with Cianna's explosive vocal and the instrumental.

You probably know Mob Tactics monstrous production from their various releases and appearances top billing labels such as MTA Records Ram & UKF... and now on the legendary Viper Recordings, since being signed exclusively in 2015.

The guys comes through with the remix in their own impeccably hard and classy style and mutate rock guitars and stadium style drums into a big room Drum & Bass burner that suits Cianna's aggressive delivery perfectly.  


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