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Stream, Download Odesza's New Album 'A Moment Apart'

Odesza have released their new album A Moment Apart. Does it live up to the lofty expectations set over the past three years?
Odesza A Moment Apart

Odesza have released their long-awaited new album A Moment Apart. After the success of their sophomore album In Return that saw them catapult from a niche electronic music act, to a mainstream festival headliner, the group had pressure to deliver on their third album three years later and did not hold back with a 16-track LP that features the likes of Leon Bridges and Regina Spektor.

The group released several singles in the lead up to the album drop today, including “Higher Ground" and “Line Of Sight.” They left the vast majority of the songs, notably the songs that are a bit different from what we have heard in the past from the duo, for the LP.

It has only been nine hours, but there are some changes to what fans may expect from Odesza. It isn’t all just sugary and upbeat beats, but some more downtempo and homey songs. Get ready to hear a lot of this as the duo goes on tour this fall. Find details for that here.

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Stream the full album below and pick up a copy here

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