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Every now and again I will be bringing you a short E.P. review of varying sounds from across the spectrum of 140bpm. These might be artists that have already solidified themselves deeply in the scene, or newcomers emerging from the depths. My aim is to push the sound of 140bpm and show how it can be bended and experimented with.

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This highly anticipated release from Noble has been one that we've been waiting on for a long while now. It's the epitome of dark grime, it must be hard incorporating fresh, new, eclectic sounds into and already swamped genre, however Noble has crafted a very special release showcasing exactly what he's about. The link up with Kotei seemed only right as both producers have such signature styles, the outcome on that track simply blew me away. Looking forward to hearing more collaborations from these 2 in the future.

Noble on deck.

Noble on deck.

Noble - Junctions : 

This ones very atmospheric from the start. Starting off slowly, drawing you into the song, then from the distance a dark brass instrument comes echoing out of the abyss. A skippy drum beat is laced on top of the track with some very violent brass plucks that sprout up every now and then. Such banger from Noble.

Noble - Cement : 

This one is very different to 'Junctions,' it haunts you from the start, with some spooky sounding synths and a faint drum loop working its way up to the drop. When it all dies down and the drop is unleashed it stabs at you with this big reverberating bass. The drum loop is erratic and adds to the impact of the drop in various ways. It more or less keeps you on your toes instead of some generic drum loop that sounds the same every 8 bars, this ones dark... Absolutely massive track.

Noble & Kotei - Specialist :

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This one's very special, and I mean special. The whole track has such a rare sound to it. Having these 2 collaborate on a track was such a good move as the outcome is simply brilliant. On one hand you've got the industrial sound's the Noble conjures in his productions, then on the other hand you've got Kotei's signature style which incorporates bubbling basslines and clinical drum patterns. The finished product is one of absolute gass. Its a tropical sounding riddim but still has that dark, angry attitude to it. Serious track.

Noble & Kotei - Specialist (JFO Remix) : 

Easily one of the darkest tracks I've heard in a while. JFO is one of my favorite producers in the scene because of the way he produces and the fact that he has such a signature sound to his creations. This remix of Noble & Kotei's track Specialist is absolutely massive, incorporating a low end sub on the drop that explodes when the beat kicks into motion. He's completely changed the entire essence of the original riddim and injected his own dark spin on this already massive production. Absolute percy of a track this. Look out for more stuff from the 3 of these artists in the near future.

You can purchase the E.P. through Juno here.

Josh and Jay

Josh and Jay

Southpoint are one of the most innovative record labels in the scene at the moment and they just keep going from strength to strength, with releases covering a very broad spectrum of underground music. Their artist roster is very strong and spans bassline, grime, dubstep, garage and more

Southpoint are constantly pushing out both unknown artists, plus artists that have already solidified themselves deeply within the scene, they try to showcase artists in a way that is purely organic and thats what I appreciate about them. The way this label is moving there is going to be no stopping them in 2018. I suggest any artist's wanting to release on the label best jump on the Southpoint train as soon as possible.

Look out for my Dubstep article that should be dropping within a week.


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