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The Artifact Edition Limited Release: OG Kush and Chemdog Extracts Produced by Green Dot Labs

A review of two selected strains with legendary lineages.
Green Dot Labs

Legendary electronic music collective STS9 and fine cannabis extract producer Green Dot Labs are joined forces for a collaborative live resin product release and giveaway to celebrate the group’s “Celebration of the First 20 Years” at Red Rocks Amphitheater. The group is marked this major musical milestone September 8-10, during their 15th consecutive end-of-summer stand at Colorado's live music mecca. The celebration began on September 8th and was marked by the group’s special performance of its classic 2005 album Artifact live in its entirety for the first time.

Longtime STS9 fans, Green Dot Labs owners Dave and Alana Malone were thrilled to discover that the musicians they had followed for years were fans of their brand. From this mutual fandom a friendship was forged, inspiring a truly unique collaboration that connects cannabis, music, and the creative experience.

The Artifact Edition Limited Release highlights the connection between cannabis, music, and the creative experience. Inspired by Artifact, Green Dot Labs’ exclusive run of two heritage cannabis varietals captures the essence of the recent double vinyl re-release of the band’s “ode to preservation and change.”

Green Dot Labs Founder Dave Malone selected strains with legendary lineages that he and his team have preserved and transformed through the introduction of thoughtfully selected new genetics. Presented in specially designed boxes that mirror Artifact’s iconic cover art, the Artifact Edition Limited Release is presented in two exceptional volumes -- OG Kush and Chemdog.

I was lucky enough to try these two volumes.

Green Dot Labs

Vol. 1: OG Kush (Afghani x Hashplant x Thai) – notes of fresh tennis balls, fermented lemon, and kerosene

THC: 101.5mg

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THC:-A 711.5mg

CBD: 0

OG Kush by Green Dot Labs can be described as phenomenal all around. The texture is that of warm honey. It's light golden coloring makes my brain think "clean." Despite the runniness, it was easy to scoop up a dab. Incredibly smooth to hit with a pleasant taste of pine. When I was first taking the hit, the high was prominent in the top of my head and the tips of my fingers and toes. Once it began to settle, it was an equally enjoyable head and body high. I felt uplifted yet relaxed, and my appetite was most definitely stimulated. A fantastic choice for feeling relaxed but not sedated.

Green Dot Labs

Vol. 2: Chemdog (Afghani x Hashplant) – notes of earth, petrol, and leather

THC: 34.8mg

THC-A: 833.6mg

CBD: 0

Chemdog, also by Green Dot Labs, looks like sugarized honey, in both texture and color. The taste has somewhat of a cleaner, more chemical taste, which is not surprising given the name. It’s not quite as smooth as the OG Kush, but still enjoyable with a mild body buzz and a deeply stoney slightly spacey head high. Spacey in relation to having a conversation. But, I found it a great motivator for solo tasks, i.e. drawing and cleaning, as well as a creative booster. This strain feels like a solid choice for those with anxiety.

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