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What better way to round out your summer than with a fresh batch of disco? We've ditched the bi-weeklies and have switched to a monthly cadence. That only made it more difficult to choose our favorite 15 songs as we had double the tracks to choose from! There are a serious amount of jams in here, surely with enough substance to keep you entertained for the next month! 

The Penelopes - Roses (Blende Remix)

Some serious Moroder vibes on this one! Our favorite producer is back with a killer remix of one of our favorite indie-pop groups. The Penelopes excel at emotional and uplifting vocals and Blende let them shine-on big time. With a light and thorny set of synths throughout, it grabs you and doesn’t let go.

Rayko - No Stopping feat. Tania Haroshka (Ron Basejam Remix)

Ron Basejam is the king of the slow-burners that creep up on you in a serious way. This remix retains most of the original’s old-school disco feel while bringing a fresh groove into the mix and you’ll be sad when the 7:00 minute mark brings it to a close.

Aimes - Grooving In Guatamala (Aimes' Rio Dulce Monkey Mix)

It’s always a bit funny to see an artist remix and release one of their own tracks, but let’s be honest, who would know it better? Aimes is a regular feature on this here chart and for damn good reason. He’s got an incredible handle on synths that seamlessly build on top of one another, bringing his energy to some seriously impressive heights.

KIU D - Smoke - Spa In Disco

It's incredible how rousing this one gets after starting off so smooth. Its a hellenic ploy as the opening bars drift lightly past your eardrums, because as soon as the song soon opens up it will take absolute control of your body. Smoke and mirrors!

Jad & The - Overpriced Kaiser Chips - Toy Tonics

This is a definite outlier but hell if it don’t deserve some love! It’s got a killer afro beat beset with weird sounds that hide some serious depth. Quite the journey! Also, what the hell is a Kaiser Chip?

Deelicious - Lovers Call - Masterworks Music

Deeeeeeeeelicious! Sorry for the obvious, we just can’t help calling it for what it is. You’ll feel cupid’s arrow in your back after a quick ride on this love train. Deelicious has put out some of our favorite tracks of the year so make sure to peep the soundcloud for more gooey goodness.

Peter Croce - Agape (Love Wins) - Rocksteady Disco

"Agape (Love Wins)," the first track of the eponymous release on Rocksteady Disco, is a seriously heart-filled affair. The lush strings, fading in and out of focus, give the song an incredible rousing feel that steadily elevates your spirits. After the break, when the vocals finally rush in, you'll be blinded by engrossing yet airy joy.

James Rod - Freeze Love (Re-Edit)

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Holy cow, James Rod does some serious damage on this one! His famous deep synth-work does wonders in this low-down and dirty jam. It's hard as hell and yet strikes squarely on your heart strings. 

KIU D - Small Steps (Andy Buchan Remix) - Spa In Disco

This remix is sexy, sultry, and wistful enough to make you miss your lost lovers. But as the song progresses, the driving grooves lift you out of your melancholic hoopty and you land squarely in the drivers seat of a drop top convertible.  

Jacques Renault - Dream Machine - Razor-n-Tape

The french-man really knows how to lay a good old NYC disco track down. Fast and loose, it's got so much texture that you're going to want to touch it yourself. The horns are what truly makes this, though, as their chit-chat back and forth keeps your attention rapt throughout.

DA BOOGIE - T i g h t e r U p (Hard Boiled BOOGIE Funk Redux)

Are you ready for some serious old school funk? This light edit brings the house vibes to a low-down and dirty classic. You know what to do!

ED Wizard & Disco Double Dee - Want Luv

This one is chunky as hell. Perfect for breadmaking! One of our top favorite duos bring some rousing heat to celebrate their 2,000,000th soundcloud play.

Margaret Singana - Why Did You Do It (Dj XS Edit)

Nobody can stop the funk train now that it's left the station! Another tasteful edit that breathes new life to Margaret Singana’s screaming vocals.

C. Da Afro - One Galaxy Of Disco - Walking Disco Records

Are you ready to take off on a rocket trip to a disco-ball moon? That's just about what it feels like to fill your ears with this funky groove. 

SACRE - Gaia (Kraak & Smaak Remix)  

"We are like a novice." The opening line doesn't really speak to Kraak & Smaak's discography, that's for sure. The airy vocals are accompanied by hip shaking synths that sync in and out of time, leading to some incredibly deep grooves that tip-toe into the center of your brain before you even know they're there. 

Peep the full playlist below.

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