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Wow, let's just say there's been A LOT happening in hip hop in the month of August, and there honestly isn't a better month for the hip hop charts to return because the music climate did most of the work for us already. Since we were on a short hiatus, admittedly the tracks are not entirely all from this month, but who doesn't want to extend summer a little bit longer with these fantastic songs? From Atlanta to New York to the UK, Canada, and even China, we've got a little bit of something for everyone. Also, there's no hip hop chart without a little Cardi B. 

1. "La Diaspora (Feat. Zap Mama)" - Nitty Scott

Admittedly one of Nitty's weaker elements happens to be in the hook, but her lyrics have a kick that not too many other New York-based rappers can even compare to. With attitude and sass to match, the track showcases why early in her career she was consistently able to keep up with the likes of Kendrick Lamar. She's definitely branched into different styles than back in her MC days, but she's still proving that she's representing New York and Florida with all her fervor. 

2. "700 Pennies" - Kojey Radical 

If you're feeling like modern music is a little lacking in powerful lyrics these days, you could use a little more Kojey in your life. The weed-friendly poet initially started creating music as part of an art school project, but it's now taken the talented UK artist around the world, one powerful spoken word poem at a time. Part music, part writing, he's a true artist thats making it in his own terms. 

3. "Clik" - So Loki

Oh... my... god, these guys just go all in with their latest single and they're a strong reminder for why we ought to be paying attention to the Western half of Canada as much as we look towards Montreal and Toronto for music. The duo, which we've interviewed in the past, bring forth strong lyricism and don't rely on popular trends. They've always managed to walk the fine line of experimental production with party friendly anthems, and "Clik" is the kind of track that'll be playing in the club as much as during more solitary moments. They've got an album coming soon, although the official date is still pending. 

5. "Rooftop" - Ivy Sole

I don't hear about Ivy Sole on the internet buzz scene that much, but they certainly should. Her relatively small discography is a truly incredibly concoction of introspection and her words are subtle, intelligent, and graceful as she weaves a story into her music. A true artist in every capacity, she's a brilliant artist with a beautiful soul. 

6. "Friends" - LaFreshman 

Hmmm, if you're looking for Drake's sensitive thug attitude with an extra dose of badassery that Drake can never quite master, LaFreshman is just for you. He's emotional and capable of blending hip hop with pop sensibilities while still maintaining a authenticity that's hard to find these days. Check out the song, you won't be disappointed. 

7. "Rubberband Man" - A$AP Ferg

This track just happens to be my favorite off the record, but the entire project is a fun time. There's not much to say here, other than with the impending labor day weekend celebrations coming up ahead, "Rubberband Man" should be on your pool party playlist. 

8. "There You Go" - SABA

Saba's cheerful yet introspectively realistic view of the world makes him a great contender to be the Chicago's next big thing, if you don't already consider him a major force in the music world already. His sunny disposition shines through, even through layers of realism, and the resulting work is a truly beautiful concoction that proves why Chicago's hip hop scene has been truly having a renaissance these days. 

9. "Saturn 02" - Caleon Fox 

Caleon represents a lot of the weird things that happen in LA, and if you haven't checked him out yet, it's a damn shame. There's not a lot I can put into words that Caleon can't showcase for himself- with a hilarious Youtube/Instagram that showcases his comedic chops as much as some of the trippier sides of things. If you consider yourself an Adult Swim fan where nothing is too strange and your humor is surreal, Caleon is your new favorite artist. 

10. "Nomadic" - Higher Brothers 

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China isn't really what you think of when you think trap, but Higher Brothers are certainly making a case for why we should be paying attention to their underground scene a little bit more. They've been gaining a lot of buzz lately through 88Rising, and personally, "Nomadic" is my favorite they've released so far. I don't understand a lick of Chinese, but even with the language barrier, they are lit af. 

11. "Product" - Bohan Phoenix

If Higher Brothers and their lack of English is a bit of a deterrent, Bohan Phoenix might just be the answer and perfect introduction to hip hop in Asia. Blending a mix of Chinese with English, Bohan's bilingual style has been catching a lot of wave in the underground circles, and "Product" is his recent release- a celebratory release he dropped when he started his tour through Asia. "Product" celebrates everything that makes Bohan different, and in this day and age, we need more Asian artists taking charge. 

12. "Virgo" - Rejjie Snow and Pell  

Rejjie Snow and Pell bring a light beat and funky style that helps welcome the last stretch of summer in the most appropriate way. "Virgo" is one of the many songs we've been provided since Rejjie has announced that a new album is headed his way. Either way, no matter what Rejjie is up to, we're absolutely in love with this track. 

13. "Rerocc" - Peewee Longway

Who doesn't love Peewee Longway? While the mainstream obsesses over Migos and Future, the true ATL king in the underground scene is Peewee Longway. There's not much to say other than please listen and watch this video asap. 

Longway, Bitch! 

14. Hoodrich Pablo Juan - Ruthless 

Hoodrich Pablo Juan is gaining a lot of attention these days, and his work with producers like Ryan Hemsworth and Brodinski make him an interesting figure in the trap scene. His latest project has been a truly strange concoction of experimental beats and rap sensibilities that shroud itself in drugs, sex, and money, the usual hip hop topics of choice. 

15. "Kitana" - Princess Nokia 

It's not hard to love Princess Nokia. From her powerful lyrics, her pro-feminim rap style, and her truly star-like quality that just makes her a truly drawing figure. "Kitana" is an experimental style that showcases why no beat is too hard for Princess Nokia to completely dominate. 

Honorable Mentions: 

"Wrist Motion" - Wifisfuneral  

"Perplexing Pegasus" - Rae Sremmurd

"Black Ken" - Lil B 

"No Mountains in Manhattan" - Wiki  

And of course... 

"Bodak Yellow" - Cardi B

There's no way I can do a hip hop chart and not put down Cardi B, she's the star of August whether you like it or not. 

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