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The Magical Butter Machine Is A Beautiful Piece of Genius

An in-depth review of the world’s first botanical extractor!
Magical Butter

Magical Butter, made to create cannabis-infused just-about-anything, is the extraordinary machine you’ve all been hearing so much about. It’s “the world’s first countertop botanical extractor” like you’ve never seen it. Thinking of trying your hand at infusing edibles, butter, oils, grain alcohol, or lotions, but you have no idea where to begin? Then, Magical Butter is for you! Infusing has never been this simple. Oils, tinctures, soups, sauces, salad dressings, skin care products, pet medicines, you name it! I’m sure there’s more than I can name or that I’m even aware exists. You can get creative to no end. 

Magical Butter

The trim used to infuse cannabis into sunflower oil with the Magical Butter machine.

I tested Magical Butter by attempting one of the base recipes and had a solid vegan, non-GMO sunflower cooking oil by the end of the oil cycle. It was honestly that easy. It only took an hour to make minus the brief time it took to decarboxylate my cannabis.

Once I decarbed my trim, it was simply a matter of throwing a couple of ingredients into the machine. The minimum amount of botanicals that can be used is anywhere between seven and 14 grams per cup. How much oil you decide to make can be calculated by multiplying the number of botanicals in grams to the total number of cups (per cup/240 ml) you’d like to make. The total is the amount of oil you’ll have once you’ve finished.

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Next, I set between two and five cups of sunflower oil aside and calculated how much lecithin, an emulsifier, I was going to need per cup (240 ml). It’s important to know that one tablespoon of lecithin is equal to 15 mililiters. Once again, I calculated (like I did with my weed) how many tablespoons I would need according to the number of cups I was preparing. That’s literally about the most thought you’ll have to contribute to the process.

After I gathered all of my ingredients, it was finally time to place the ingredients into the machine and secure the head. The head is where you’ll find the cycle options. There are five different settings plus temperature control. For my cooking oil I selected 160°F/71°C and then pressed the “1 Hour/Oil” button. In the meantime, admire the silvery exterior and glowing rainbow LEDs circling the outer edge of the head, which seems like an indication that the machine is thinking.

Magical Butter

One anticipatory hour later, the cycle’s complete. I couldn’t believe I had all that oil, just like that (it really is an incredible time to be alive). When the cycle is completed, the first and most important thing to do is unplug the unit. I then removed the head to find my oil looking like an immaculate conception. The last step is to put on your LoveGlove, which I did with uncontrollable excitement, and pour the contents slowly through the Purity Filter (essentially, a cheese cloth) provided by your unit into a dark glass container. I used a Ball Collection Elite Wide Mouth Pint 16 ounce glass mason jar. It wasn’t tinted, but it works just fine if you store your oil somewhere dark, away from the light. I let it cool for some time before sealing the jar with its proper lid.

That’s honestly all there is to it. You can use your cooking oil to make anything your little cannabis-shaped heart desires. Making brownies is rather typical, but go ahead and make them if that’s what you’re craving. I personally used it to bake a cake that I definitely ate too much of. Nevertheless, my experience was relaxing and I could hardly taste the cannabis. Subtle notes of sunflower complemented by a homemade lavender-infused frosting lingered on my tongue. I couldn’t get enough of it.

Have fun experimenting with your very own Magical Butter machine!

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