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Fall is finally here, but that doesn't mean that the music world has stopped bringing out banger after banger for the public to vibe to, party with, and light one up to. With the world around us falling apart politically, socially, and even geographically (anyone interested in helping Puerto Rico, check this article by PBS out), this month's music was the perfect opportunity for some incredible artists to provide us with some equally perfect music. 

From Jazz Spastik's beat tape to Rapsody to Young Thug's usual madness, these are the artists and their songs that blew us away this month! 


Let's Get Started. 

1. Ethereal - "Right Now" 

Awful Records isn't for everyone, that's for sure, but if you're into left-of-center rap that stretches hip-hop to its limits, then Ethereal's latest is definitely for you. 

2. Villain Park - "We Out Here" 

Villain Park is one of my favorite hip hop groups that's come out within the last few years. With LA swagger and youthful energy that springs forth from every corner of the song, "We Out Here" is eloquent and powerful, while still being fun and vibrant. 

3. Jazz Spastiks - Scratch and Sniff 

This is a beat tape, and the duo have done an incredible job making us feel like we've traveled back in time. With a jazz feel, it's like we're honestly back in the nineties with a modern twist. 

4. Cakes da Killa - "Thirst Trap" 

Cakes da Killa is a powerful, fast lyricist, and he's never let anything stop him from being the best he can. He's proven that he can spit bars for days in the past, but in "Thirst Trap" he truly kicks it up another notch. 

5. So Loki - "My Girl"

A sweet, simple song that's reminiscent of the Temptations song of the same name, although with a dramatic makeover fit for the modern girl. It's the perfect way to celebrate ya girl, 2017 style. 

6. The Last Skeptik feat. Kojey Radical & Takura - "Trouble"

Kojey's latest project was absolutely phenomenal. With powerful prose and passion that seeps into the music from Takura, this film is truly magnificent and moving. 

7. TokiMonsta - "No Way" (Feat. Isaiah Rashad, Joey Purp, Ambre) 

Tokimonsta is a 

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8. Young Futura - "Slide"

This one is a little dancier than the other tracks, but if this doesn't have you trying to follow the dance moves in the video, we're pretty sure you have no soul. This is just straight up really cool and fun to watch, and we can't get enough!

9. IAMDDB - "Shade" 

"Shade" is just simply put, a dope ass song. We don't have too much to explain about here. Just check it out! 

10. Blac Youngsta - "Booty" 

Blac Youngsta's "Booty" is a bit of a weird one, and I can honestly see a lot of people not liking it. Me though, I like a little humor in my music, and he brings that in droves every time. 

11. Soft Glas and J'von - "Pub Sub" 

This isn't really a hip hop song, but it's close enough, and to be totally honest, I don't think there are too many writers here that's going to be trying to pull this track into their charts so I'm calling major dibs on this. J'von and Soft Glas bring forth a subtle and yet powerful style to this piece, blending a multitude of different influences to come together. "Pub Sub" is just one of the many beautiful tracks on Soft Glas' latest project, and if you haven't checked out Soft Glas' album yet, do yourself a favor and check it out here

12. Rapsody - Laila's Wisdom 

Rapsody has been one of my favorite rappers for a while now, and when I heard that she was getting ready to drop a record, I'd be zoning into her like a hawk. She's back and better than ever. I've always liked her collaborations with BJ the Chicago Kid, and in their latest collaboration on the record, it's a bona fi

13. Smokepurpp - "Bless Yo Trap" 

Another one of those songs that's just fun because it's catchy. This one isn't much of a thinker, just enjoy it at your next party. 

14. Tommy Genesis - "Tommy" 

Tommy Genesis and her off the beaten path writing style has made her a clear favorite in the underground and overground and it isn't hard to see why. She's bring sass and flavor with a nonchalant flow, and the resulting style is hypnotic and sensual. Her latest is my favorite she's dropped thus far, and presents growth within her style and sound. 

15. Young Thug - "Liger"

Is there anything to even explain? It's Young Thug. Just listen. 

As always, catch up to what I'm listening to on this specially curated playlist by yours truly! 

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