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Tomas Barfod Announces New Album 'Paloma,' Shares New Single

Tomas Barfod is gearing up to release another great album.
Tomas Barfod Paloma

Tomas Barfod has announced a new album title Paloma, which will be released later this year on Friends of Friends. To celebrate the announcement, he has unveiled a new single from the LP, “Things That Matter” featuring Louise Foo & Sharin Foo.

The album will come in two different packages. There will be the 11-track digital version that will have three exclusive tracks, while the vinyl will only have eight tunes in total.

“Things That Matter” has the smooth electronica we expect from Barfod with a soft groove and vocals from Sharin Foo and Louise Foo that help carry delicate melodies.

“I worked both in my studio and on the road, mainly in LA but even in Bali and Mexico while touring,” the producer tells Stereogum. “I also went through several stages in my mind in the process, from being very inspired by the ’90s to being very inspired by psychedelia.”

Paloma will be released on November 3rd via FOF. It is a great album. Pre-order the LP here.


01. Grandiose*

02. Things That Matter ft. Louise Foo & Sharin Foo

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03. Hope in a Box

04. Family ft. Jonas Smith

05. Pantheon

06. Better Than I Would

07. In The Dark ft. Nina K

08. Cannonball ft. Jonas H. Petersen

09. Rhodes*

10. Transpose ft. Adine Kjædegaard Fliid*

11. Tidal Wave ft. Nina K

*digital only 

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