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The longest season in Texas ended this month, but that apparently doesn't buy us anything because we're still sweatin' it on the regular here in Austin. For those of y'all in other, less suicidal parts of the country, we rounded up a square 15 jams that you can use to wring out that last little bit of summer. Also just a reminder that Q3 ends this week, so make sure to file all those expense reports. Otherwise, Janet from accounting is going to yell at you again. Boo Janet from accounting! Yay fresh disco jams!

Codie Curry - Movin' Smoke - Razor-N-Tape

Codie Curry has a masterful approach to song-building. He throws the expectations out with the bath water and the end results end up feeling a hell of a lot like jazz. Whenever he drops a release on us, we try not to predict what it'll sound like, but we know damn well sure it'll be as good as this quarter's financials!

Ziggy Phunk - Can't Stop Lovin' You - Masterworks Music

Ziggy Phunk has returned to deliver visions of a summer love that is stuck in accounts payable. Tons of feels to be found here, but rest assured it'll revitalize you with a steady helping of heartfelt vows. 

Sune - Glidin' - Secret Listen

Ready your heart for the slickest feel good jam this side of the Mississippi. As soon as the song glides itself in on a sweet cloud of airy keys, it busts out a slick bass-line that keeps you from standing in one spot for too long. Pleasant on the ears, the sampling is slick and non-obtrusive, leaving a lot of room for you to think about how you slayed those business objectives.   

Millie Jackson - Go Out And Get Some (Disco Tech Edit)

This one's awfully funny and an absolutely spanking jam. The edit is light and the groove is deep, so its time to sing it like you've just gone public. The funk is on the prowl!  

LUCES - Geronimo - Openers

Haunting, driving, and eminently jammable, this one has the swankiest of all grooves. With the ghastly piano twirling lightly around the heady synth melody, it speaks memories of the interns who stumbled their way through the summer internship. 

Fitzzgerald - Mysterious World - Star Creature

This track off of Chicago's own Star Creature has an old time funk that grips you fast and doesn't let go, sorta like that guy at the quarterly work party. With samples that swap in and out on a veritable wheel of rhythm, the acid dripped keys paint your brain with airy thoughts which build your mood all through the song.

Voodoo Whiskey - Down For The Last Time

This one serves as a pleasant reminder of spring. The earnestness of a newly melted hill speaks of bounties sure to come. 

Mighty Mouse - The Spirit - Space Native Records

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Are you ready to go to church? If ours had sermons that sounded like this we'd be fervent attendees. Instead, it'll find its home on many dance-floor altars around the world, who will be treated to an epic soul-filling journey that will pop your Sunday-best socks off.

Snowshoo - Ready Or Not

We couldn't help it. disco-electro-nu-funk-lite or whatever the hell you wanna call it, you can't deny the power this song throws at you. There's not much room for much thought, but the surplus of sound balances out your term sheets with a smile.

Al-Tone - Feelin' Irie - Razor-N-Tape

Brooklyn brings some island sounds to our ears with a four-track set of exceptional Al-Tone edits that'll drop next week. We peeped the EP and the boys delivered a batch of immaculate jams, the first of which is this afro-house boogie seen here. Best of luck singing it; we know you'll try. 

Thatmanmonkz - Sweetiez Fresh - Bolting Bits

Thatmanmonkz is disco royalty. Anyone who is worth their salt can hardly contain their excitement when he throws his stamp on a release. This one off rookie label Bolting Bits is as smooth as it gets, and is guaranteed to scoop you up and whisk you off to a heavenly jam-packed dance-floor, free from fiduciary oversight.  

LEFTI - Low Light - YEBO Music

This one's hard to pin down. LEFTI is one of the most sonically fluid nu-disco producers on the scene, and this one rips from sound to sound with ease. Stick around for the good stuff on it because the technicality is worth the journey. 

Keita Sano - Afrika - Dansu Discs

Keita Sano stands as one of the most innovative and visionary producers out there. The blatant disregard for norms is inspiring in it's approachability, unlike filing corporate taxes. The Japanese disco scene is a unique one, and rest assured this one that hails from there is one-of-a kind too. 

Pontchartrain - Loose - Swat

This Detroit legend spent many years perfecting his craft before we saw him explode onto the scene. His chops are razor sharp and his airy productions seem to retain the elements of the minimal yet soulful electronic style that the city is known for.   

Boots & Kats - Winner

Here's a disco-house jam that'll make you feel like you're on the top of the world. With chops that sound chopped and somewhat screwed, their oddness rounds out the emphatic vocals into a tasty morsel that you can chew on for the duration of the song.

Here's the playlist! Don't forget to get your boss to sign that receipt from Applebees! Mmmm... half-priced apps. 

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