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Traditional Marketing Tactics That Can Help Build Your Brand as a DJ

As a DJ, having a strong brand is just as important as your skills
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In a previous article about DJ marketing, we talked about how sending a CD to music editors can help get your music – and yourself as a DJ – recognized faster. It is a PR tactic that works really well because it is disruptive and unusual. The same approach can be used to develop other parts of your brand.

As a DJ, having a strong brand is important. Your music matters but your brand is what people will recognize. These next few marketing tactics will help you build your brand as a DJ faster.

Write Reviews

Musicians usually send their music to journalists and editors to get reviews. You can alter this process by actually writing your own review and telling them more about your music. Don’t just send a demo or a snippet; attach your own take on the music to that demo to give editors a starting point.

Music is very personal and only you can share the real meaning of your music. Writing your own review also grants you access to promo companies and music websites who love posting quality content. Be sure to invest time and energy into producing a great, well-written review if this is a tactic you want to implement.

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Having more reviews posted boosts your brand to a new level. More people in the industry will recognize your brand just from reading the reviews. Also, your audience will find you to be more credible in the DJ scene.

Go Local

As a DJ, you want the recognition of the entire industry. You want to play big events and large venues. Before you can get to that point, however, you have to be willing to do the hard work. This means developing your audience from the ground up and playing local gigs.

Promoting local gigs and reaching the audience directly is a lot easier these days. For starters, you have services such as online printing and delivery helping you get old-school flyers out to a potential audience. You can also lean on social media and local news sites to promote your events.

Going local is good in the long run too. The people who follow you from the beginning are more likely to follow you when you hit it big. They will be the ones defending you and filling the role of loyal fans.

Be a Part of Something

Every successful DJ is a part of something bigger at one point in their careers. Becoming part of a label, a crew, or even aligning yourself with brands will help give your career that much-needed boost. You are simply expanding your reach and connecting with new people as your potential audience.

Don’t just join a bigger cause for personal reasons either. The goal of working together and connecting with other entities in the industry is to grow together, so make sure you also take the necessary steps to help others with the same cause. The more you give, the more you build your brand as a DJ. It won’t be long before you start marketing yourself effectively. 

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