Tunes To Roll The Dice To - Great Soundtracks For Your High Rolling Habits

Cool and calm tunes work every time.
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High rolling gambling has always had an aura of glitz around it that musicians have certainly sung about to great effect. We’re going to take a look at some of the best music to roll the dice to. Gambling is a pastime best undertaken while sitting down though, so house, techno, drum & bass, and industrial music can safely go out of the window.  


The Classics

Music in general, and especially rock and roll, rewards risk takers and the mavericks that play by their own rules, so you would expect them to find kindred spirits at the gaming tables. Bill Drummond of The KLF once burned £1,000,000 on a Scottish island as a ritualistic PR stunt. Now if that’s not a gamble, what is? Elvis Presley famously wrote a paean to the city of Lost Wages with “Viva Las Vegas”, a song so wedded to gambling lore you can almost hear the slot machines jerk to that guitar riff. The song of the dear departed Lemmy and his band Motorhead “Ace Of Spades” is a classic tale of gambling immortalising the famous “Dead Man’s Hand”, the set of cards that the legendary gunfighter and gambler Wild Bill Hickok was holding when he was murdered at a saloon poker table. The smoky growling of Tom Waits and Nick Cave also add a whiskey-drenched vaudeville vibe to any gaming session.



Vegas tenures are a musical rite of passage open only to the top tier performers. They’re best embodied by the Rat Pack, that famous informal troupe of singers and artists that included Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, and of course, “Ol’ Blue Eyes” himself, the one and only Frank Sinatra. Turn any of them on in the background for some classic casino style when you’re winning big with FoxyCasino bonuses and keep the blues music on hand, ready to console yourself if the cards don’t go your way. A little swing music like Glenn Miller or Big Bad Voodoo Daddy also fits the tuxedos-and-scotch atmosphere wonderfully.



One of the few genres that has the form and honesty to address the importance of making money in modern society, rap music, is created by those willing to win by all means necessary. Pump yourself up before a gambling session with some luxury rap, courtesy of Jay-Z or Rick Ross, to get you in the head space to beat the odds. Or try going with some more obscure rhymers, like Jimmy Luxury & The Tony Rome Orchestra, an original and intriguing blend of flossy stunting and moody blues, backed by production that blends swing and big beat with crunchy hip hop drums.

Music can set the tone for the gambling experience and make it truly exceptional so make it count by choosing your favourite songs and performers. Even if you play online at home, you can certainly create a perfect winning atmosphere for yourself that you will enjoy immensely. 

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