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Sunday Funday might be dead and gone, but this Monday isn't a total bust. The Waze & Odyssey boys from across the pond whipped up a bumping tech house EP to take away even the worst case of the Mondays. 

Something for Your Mind is a 3 track EP house-groover released on Material Series that has already done big things the world over on Waze & Odyssey's dancefloors. They keep it moving, and the tracks will breathe life back into you, no matter what cubicle or commute you find yourself in. The tunes are laser-focused like a shot of house espresso without the jitters. 

The EP is releasing this Friday, September 22nd, and you can pre-order Something for Your Mind here. BUT THE FUN DOESN'T STOP THERE! Waze & Odyssey are grooving across America yet again, so check the tour announcement below to see what dance floor they are going to get-a-movin' this September!

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