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Weedsday Playlist: The Trimmer Store’s Eric Singleton Shares 5 Songs for Your Next Smoke Sesh

Puff, puff pass and press play.
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The Trimmer Store Eric Singleton

So you’ve finally mastered growing Sour Diesel, your room full of Blue Dream is in full bloom, and the Cookies are frosty as ever—it’s time to harvest and get those buds looking their very best. Dry trim or wet trim? Hand-trim or machine-trim? What’s exactly is the best method for bud trimming and making cannabis flower look its very best? The Trimmer Store has your solutions and more.

The Trimmer Store Managing Partner and Director of Operations Eric Singleton is a leading industry expert in cannabis harvesting, trimming, and efficiency. Singleton began working with The Trimmer Store in 2015, and now the company is Colorado’s leading cannabis trimming and processing solutions provider. As national experts in the space, The Trimmer Store provides customized solutions for growers looking to increase margin and enhance employee's quality of work life through making harvesting tasks more efficient.

With two retail locations covering Colorado and growing, The Trimmer Store offers machine sales, daily and long-term rentals, in-store and on-site product demonstrations, repairs and maintenance, harvesting and cultivation systems consulting, cultivation and sales staff training, security protocol implementation, elite hand trimming crew services, and much more, including unique product reviews on The Trimmer Store YouTube channel.

In a recent interview with Mother Knows Best over at Merry Jane, Singleton mentioned one of the most important tools for trimming and harvesting bud—in addition to the right training and equipment—is good tunes. So when Magnetic met up with Singleton, we asked the pro harvester to share five songs for your next sesh.

Check ‘em out below. Also, you can see Eric speak at this year’s Denver CannaGrow Expo on Saturday, October 28th, where he’ll be teaching the Evolution of Cannabis Harvesting and offering tips and tricks to get the most out of each harvest.

“Everything in Its Right Place” by Radiohead

This is the perfect jam when it's time to set up the room for a long day of harvesting! The Trimmer Store staff all appreciate the message in this, “Everything in Its Right Place.” Organization, the proper tools, and ready hands on deck are the foundation for a successful harvest.

“Blunt Cruisin’” by Asher Roth

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This one’s for cruising that lunch break you're not suppose to smoke on, but do anyway.

“Society” by Eddy Vedder

“Society” is a great jam for all those big Northern Cali farms bringing down big outdoors. Make sure to wear headphones because we know you have several Twister T2s running.

“Savage” by Hacienda

This is just a super chill song. After a long day of repairing machines, renting machines, and selling machines, The Trimmer Store team often sits back and “relaxes” to this!

“Indian Summer” by Jai Wolf

It’s been know to happen...You have the weekend off after you’ve just trimmed 50 pounds with one of The Trimmer Store's rentals, so you and some friends go on a spontaneous road trip to Rocky Mountain National Park. Press play on this.

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