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We are a little less than two weeks away to relive the best memories of summer camp with our favorite Dirtybirds. We are all on the edge of our seats, just itching to get to our favorite campout, the Dirtybird Campout, this October 6th- 8th. The Dirtybird campout is in it's third year and has seen many changes, including a new location, San Antonio Campground. While it will be sad to move to a new home, the Dirtybird team promises that the new location will be an even better location for the Campout. With the festival less than two weeks away, we hope that you have been practicing your marshmallow roasting and tie-dying skills. If the fact that you get to hang out with the Dirtybirds all weekend isn't enough, we have all the reasons why you should get yourself a ticket and meet us at the Campout. 

We have put together a list of some of our favorite and must see artists to get you in the mood for your weekend dancing with the Dirtybirds. 

Bleep Bloop- K-9 Unit Feat. Gary Paintin

The aggressive sound from one of Bleep Bloop's newest tracks will certainly wake you up and get you ready for the campout. His heavy bass weaved in with low frequencies make up his iconic "Outerspace Bass" genre. Bleep Bloop took the time to give his own playlist to get his fans ready for the campout. He said this about his playlist and the campout, "Yo, this is music I love, and that influences me. I'm gonna be playing a bunch of crazy shit at Dirtybird campout and also all through the fall on my fifth pupil tour." 

Shiba San- Okay

So we went with a classic here, but it's just too good to pass up. Shiba San always supplies us with the perfect dance hits to keep us going all night long, "Okay" is one of those. His hip-hop past shows and he excels in showing his french inspired house. 

Eats Everything- Big Discs

The Bristol based house artist is known as one of the industry's best party starters. His sustainability in the ever changing music industry has shown his powerful ability has a producer/DJ. Eats Everything's "Big Discs" is giving us another bassy hit to get our little Dirtybird wings flapping. 

Kill Frenzy-Make That Booty Clap

The name says it all; this song is going to make your booty clap and get you ready to keep it going on weekend long. Kill Frenzy's early influences of house and techno such as Green Velvet and David Clarke show in his style. He never disappoints at any show.

Matthew Dear- Bad Ones

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It seems like Matthew Dear never stops from producing, Djing, creating his experimental pop-art, and working with Ghostly International. On top of all this, he is constantly touring. His newest track is "Bad Ones" matched perfectly with Tegan and Sara's melody. We just hope he blesses us with this track at the campout. 

J.Phlip- Where's Jess?!

J.Phlip's determination in the music industry is overwhelming; she is just a major badass. She is a fierce business women; however, incredibly humble with amazing sense of humor. Her music reflects this fierceness but bouncy style. She gives you the perfect amount of energy to get you ready and packed for the long weekend of dancing with her and the rest of the Dirtybird team. 

Walker & Royce- 3 4 Shake It

This funky duo has been giving us a healthy dose deep house since 2011. One of our favorite tracks among the many is "3 4 Shake It," made with one of the other artists on our list Will Clarke. We love this song because it shows of the duo's groovy beats while incorporating Will Clarke's sexy rhythm. I hope this duo is able to take some time to hang out with us in between sets to show us their goofy, playful attitudes. 

Will Clarke- House Girl

Another Bristol native is going to grace us at the campout. Will Clarke has a special place in our heart because of his funky house and techno beats. We also love his cuddling attitude, because the world needs more of that. Will Clarke was able to take some time off cuddling to give us one of his own playlist for the campout. Here is what he had to say about the playlist and his set at the campout, saying they are 'just a few tracks I'm feeling at the moment, the campout set is going to mainly be unreleased tracks from myself so make sure you get there to hear." His "House Girl' is the epitome of Dirtybird house and we could not love it more.

Ardalan-By The Sea

Coming all the way from Tehran, Ardalan has given us a worldly look into what deep house can be. He has mastered the skill of producing music that fits perfectly with dark clubs and large festivals. "By the Sea" shows us how far he has come and what he can do with his tracks. He beautifully incorporates multiple sounds and techniques that do not overwhelm, but sooth us and make us want to keep dancing all night long. 

Gene Farris- Welcome To Chicago

To be honest, this is just a personal one I need you all to hear. Gene Farris and Chicago are held in a special place in my heart. Gene Farris knows Chicago well. He masterfully judges his crowd and adapts his sets to fit their needs. While "Welcome to Chicago" is one of Gene Farris's older tracks, it shows exactly what you should expect from this House artist. We are so happy he will be at the campout to show the West Coast what Chicago House is made of. 

We hope this playlist gets you ready for the campout coming just around the corner. Tell us what songs you are listening to vibe to all the way until October 6th in the comments below.

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