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Album Review: Crackazat - 'Rainbow Fantastia' [Local Talk] (Disco/House)

A playful disco and house album that will have you dreaming of better days
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There's a saying in House and Techno that goes, "Don't trust a DJ that says they don't like disco." Why not, you ask? Disco is the origin from which everything dance music has become, all began. But, this isn't a history lesson on house music. This is a review. Crackazat's new album, Rainbow Fantasia, is nothing short of fantastic. It's an ode to house and disco that is nonstop fun from start to finish. Lush pads, thick jazzy basslines, and creative sampling make it a real winner. With so much of today's music becoming so formulaic, Crackazat is a welcomed breath of fresh air. 


Upon your first listen, your first instinct is to categorize each track as this or that. Is it House? Disco? Indy? More like an amalgamation of all three. There is a sense of soul and life in the Rainbow Fantasia that is seriously lacking in most of the house records out today. Disco not too much, but even some of that is becoming vanilla. The first track, 'Welcome Speech', literally welcomes you to the overall premise of the album. Unquantized, but tight synth and basslines, chunky chords, and a vocal sample set the tone perfectly. 'Call My Name' takes things down slightly, and shows the more soulful side of what is to come in the rest of the album. The vocals almost sound like Nate Dogg with a British accent. 

When I mentioned clever sampling, the title track 'Rainbow Fantasia' was what I was referencing. It's almost a bit hectic but rides the line of not going overboard very well. Why is it creative? It literally has a crow cawing in it. When I first heard it, I was rather confused. But the more you listen to it, the more you realize that it adds to the fun of the track. Things cool off a bit with 'Holding You Close', but only for a bit, as 'The Only One' and 'Sundial' pick up where Rainbow Fantasia left off. How can you use the word jazzy to describe an album without a sax? You can't. Fortunately, 'Life Is' provides that and classic soulful house lyrics. How does one close off such a vibrant album? This is no easy task, but Crackazat goes the electronica route, with a track that seemingly goes from summer Sunday session, to amber colored autumn in the span of 5 minutes. What does that sound like exactly? Fortunately for you readers, we were granted an exclusive premiere of the final track, entitled 'Spirit River'. 

Overall, the album is truly a great work of art. It balances various styles, is a bit wacky, and prevents you from standing still. Check it and the tracklist below, and be sure to grab your copy of Rainbow Fantasia by Crackazat tomorrow.   

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01. Welcome Speech 
02. Called My Name
03. Rainbow Fantasia
04. Proton Blue
05. Midnight In Sector Seven
06. Holding You Close
07. The Only One
08. Sundial 09. Life Is
10. Spirit River 

Crackazat - Rainbow Fantasia is out 10/13/17 via Local Talk Records. 

Final score: 9/10

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